Aussies refusing to support Nick Kyrgios at Wimbledon

Nick Kyrgios may be one of Australia’s most talented tennis players right now, but that isn’t enough to get people

Nick Kyrgios may be one of Australia’s most talented tennis players right now, but that isn’t enough to get people to support him on the court.

The young player made headlines again over the weekend after he called his team “retarded” while yelling at them from the court where he is playing the Wimbledon Grand Slam.

It was a tense point in the game when a frustrated Nick was seen verbally attacking his support team while they watched on from the crowd.

“I’m so p****d off,” he said. “Do any of you have any idea what you’re doing? Any of you?

“Oh it’s game point, maybe I’ll give him some support now… you’re retarded.”

While he later apologised, it seems the damage was already done with many Aussies saying they refuse to support him in tonight’s battle against Scotsman Andy Murray.

In a surprise move for many though, Andy himself as come out an heaped praise on the young player who, it turns out, is one of his close friends.

“He is good fun. He chats to everyone. I have never really seen him in a bad mood off the court,” Andy said.

“Obviously on court, like I have many times, he has made mistakes, done stuff that is wrong.

“But when you see what some of the other players have done here — players who are better than him and won a lot more than him — the coverage they get for destroying a racket is much less than he does for saying to the umpire, ‘You have done a bad job’ or, ‘You were terrible today’. Because it is him, it is a bigger story.”

Andy has faced his fair share of on-court criticism himself, being branded as too emotional by some commentators who have urged him to keep his feelings in-check when playing.

Not everyone is ready to desert the young Aussie yet though, with fans saying he should be judged by his ability and not his words.

Indeed, Nick is an extraordinary natural talent. He doesn’t officially have a coach and sometimes doesn’t even practice or warm up before a match.

But it’s his manners that many say he needs to work on.

Will you be supporting Nick in tonight’s match? Do you think he should be judged by his playing ability and not his outbursts, or does he need to work on his behaviour?

  1. Greg meek  

    No he’s a shocking disgrace

    • Greg
      What gives you the right to comment on our budding champion Nick . I am an Australian born and raised in a totally different World.
      Where manners were the Rule . I have children 49 .47.31.34 22 this year and they are all different natured due to changing times and manners All good people 2016 sadly brings out far different manners and habits in the vast world This is another beat up story for ridicule Sadly journalism seeks ridicule Personal criticism sells papers. Cheers Lloyd L.

  2. Sharon  

    Leave the guy alone, I remember when Lleyton Hewitt, first started some of us thought he was over the top. Look at him now.
    Hope he wins, great player

  3. Terri  

    It amazes me that John McEnroe can justify criticising Nick after the way he used to carry on when he played

    • John Brants  

      At least McEnroe never lost his dogged tenacity. Remember the 1980 and 1981 Wimbledon finals against Mr. Ice=Bjorn Borg I was one of thousands riveted to the TV.

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