Aussies back Mack Horton as swimming feud with China escalates

We Aussies sure do stand our ground when we believe in something. The Australian Olympics Committee has defended Australian swimming

We Aussies sure do stand our ground when we believe in something.

The Australian Olympics Committee has defended Australian swimming gold medalist Mack Horton over his comments about Chinese rival Sun Yang’s use of performance-enhancing drugs. Mack had faced massive backlash on social media by his rival’s fans following the incident. 

Swimming Australia chief executive Mark Anderson and Swimming Australia president John Bertrand are both in Horton’s corner. “We do support our athletes and trust them that when they say things, they say them with respect and openness and transparency. Mack made that statement and we absolutely back it. He then needed to come out and deliver and he did,” said Mr Anderson.

The Chinese swim team issued a statement, calling Mr Horton’s claims a “malicious personal attack” on Mr Yang. “We have been noticing what has been said in the past two days by Horton, who launched a malicious personal attack [on Chinese swimmers],” team manager Xu Qi told China’s state-run Xinhua news agency.

The AOC issued a curt response to Mr Xu Qi’s demand, saying, “Mack is entitled to express a point of view. Under the Team Values ASPIRE the E stands for express yourself, that is his right. He has spoken out in support of clean athletes. This is something he feels strongly about and good luck to him.”

Sun Yang fired shots back at Mack a day after the Australian’s gold medal-winning swim. When asked if he would beat Horton in the 1,500m, Yang told Channel 7: “In 1500m, I am the king.”

If nations are going to start making complaints about clean athletes taking aim at dopers, it could be a long Olympics.

What do you think?

  1. Bruce Taylor  

    Well done Mack Horton. There should be no place in sport for proven drug cheats.

  2. Sue Burns  

    The Chinese need to get over their attitude and concentrate on the games. Well said Mack.

  3. RUTH  

    Yegods – are we determined to be at war with China on all fronts? First the drama over the South China Sea – now this. Sun Yang ‘s doping was 2 years ago – and I assume he is now drug free. Why couldn’t Mack Horton keep his mouth shut?

    • Royce R. Baucke  

      I agree Ruth – why was in necessary for Mark Horton to say ANYTHING????? After all – he won the Gold – isn’t that glory enough…..???

      • That’s the prob with P.C.
        We can’t say how it is , the guy cheated,the whole sporting world know’s. And he was not the first and he certainly won’t be the last. Political Correctness make’s us Lie, not good.

    • Peter Greer  

      It is called freedom of speech he took drugs so he is a cheat has he had a drug test in Rio yet ???

    • Clogwog  

      Ruth, assume nothing. Evidence has shown him to be a drug cheat and …….mud sticks. Once a cheat, always a cheat!

    • Diana Kavanagh  

      I agree Ruth.
      If the Chinese swimmer’s drug problem was 2 yrs ago, and he’s clean now, there should be nothing more said about it, by anyone,
      Australian or anyone else.
      Diana (Australia)

      • BruceBao  

        Thanks Diana, on offense to others, but you’re a rational person, who deserves respect.
        Respect is a mutual thing.

  4. Lorraine Walker  

    Must admit it did make me cringe and I wished he had said something like ‘I don’t have time for silly games’.
    But I don’t judge him as I wasn’t there to see and hear what preceded his comment.

  5. Hiep Nguyen  

    Well done Mack- I have read Ruth command about “determined to be at war with China on all fronts” The drama over the South China Sea- This name would link on my daughter’ s uni short verbal impact ! One of Chinese international girl is always make noise and taking advantage in everything even in uni eating place. She said the Sea called South China Sea is belong to China that’s why Called China Sea. My daughter soft sound reply “Well. How about New South Wales- does it belong to Wales?”. Chinese from inner continental always think big and aggressive to anybody where they want to without self respect and polite- Learn from Ruth” Why couldn’t Mack Horton keep Sun Yang mouth shut?” I supposed.

  6. Eleanor Wilson  

    Relations are getting very frosty in a lot of areas between China and Australia

  7. Mack horton  

    Are Australian all like Horton? It’s terrible!

  8. Mack horton  

    Are Australian all like Horton? It’s terrible!

    • Dan  

      Yes, we are all honest people who condemn cheaters. I’m sorry that upsets you.

  9. Devinder singh  

    Backing mack . Bloody prima donna cheats. If cap fits wear it.

  10. BruceBao  

    Like you really saw it. Ha. Ha.
    You know what? I can find dirty things about your country from 1000 years ago, only if you have that long history. Internet is a good thing! Brain is a good thing, start to grow it now, don’t let others implant it in your heads.
    We are not afraid of racism, and we are not afraid one of you!

    • lyn burston  

      Get over yourself. ….a cheat is a cheat

      • BruceBao  

        Sorry I made you feel I’m arrogant, friend.
        Telling truth that others don’t dare to tell, that’s called brave.
        Telling things without any investigation, only the way you wanna believe. That’s called slander.
        And really, think over yourself before drawing conclusion on others.
        “once a cheat, always a cheat.” That sounds like childish talk. When parents say this, they just want to correct you. Right?

      • BruceBao  

        And let’s talk about the channel 7 of Australia, who mistakenly labelled Chile flag to China during broadcast.
        I mean, how big and how low that mistake is, is there any respect and spirit of profession, authority?
        However I believe their explanation. That’s called forgiveness, which someone really lack of.

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