Aussie teen is “very lucky” to be home after Bali close call

A trip to Bali should be a fun and relaxing time, but for Australian teenager Jamie Murphy, it turned into

A trip to Bali should be a fun and relaxing time, but for Australian teenager Jamie Murphy, it turned into a nightmare very quickly. He is now back home in Australia after making headlines all over the world after being in police custody for two days.

The circumstances that led to police taking him into custody remain suspicious. Security guards at a Kuta nightclub claim they found two packets of white powder in Murphy’s bag when he attempted to enter the venue. The teenager claims that he never saw them before and they appeared “like magic” in his belongings.

During his ordeal, Murphy had his blood and urine tested for drugs. The powder was also sent for testing with a lot riding on the results. Murphy faced a potential twelve years in jail and up to $800,000 fine under Indonesia’s no-nonsense drug laws

Luckily for Murphy all the tests came back negative for any illicit drugs and he was released. According to Kuta police chief Wayan Sumara what authorities thought was either cocaine or heroin, turned out to be a mashup of painkillers, cough medicine, and caffeine. Police chief Sumara also told reporters, “I think he is very lucky because in my mind he is newcomer, he doesn’t know Kuta well”. He then added, “The police always try to do the best for foreigners, especially Australian tourists.”

The police also said that Murphy claimed he was handed the powder on the street while the family and lawyers claim that he never saw them before. The teenager and his family have said nothing to the media since they have arrived back home in Australia.

Murphy was hoping to have an end of school celebration that he would never forget and he did get that for all the wrong reasons.

What do you think of the case?

  1. Guy Flavell  

    You’re a VERY lucky boy James. Carrying bags of ‘white powder’ around in Indonesia
    is definitely NOT a smart move. I really hope this acts as a warning to other young Aussies to be extremely
    careful whilst holidaying in that country.

  2. I would never choose Bali as a holiday destination no matter how cheap it is….. Sadly it has a bad history… He was very very lucky…..

  3. Phyllis Parry  

    He probably did buy this off the street, silly boy.. Why aren’t the Bali police doing more to get rid of the people selling the drugs in the first place.. Nobody seems to have any trouble buying it, the sellers are on every corner, shouldn’t be too hard to be caught..

    • Stanley  

      The guy who sold it to him was most likely a local cop!

  4. richard macdonald  

    Kiwis and Aussies need to appreciate how very corrupt the Police and judges are in Bali.Read Pan Manmillan’s IT IS SNOWING IN BALI ?

  5. marcia Callinan  

    Should never been allowed to go plenty of nice places here in Australia,if you want to celebrate

  6. Joan Marshall  

    I would never waste my time in Bali no matter how cheap. Here in Australia we have many beautiful spots he could have celebrated in. You are so lucky because Indonesia’s laws are so strict. Gosh we have an example of Shapelle Corby don’t we?

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