Aussie teen facing jail time in Bali after being found with ‘white powder’

An Australian teenage is facing jail time in Bali after allegedly being found in possession of drugs at a busy
Footage of the moment was recorded by Jamie's friends.

An Australian teenage is facing jail time in Bali after allegedly being found in possession of drugs at a busy nightclub.

Jamie Murphy, 18, was apprehended by security at the club, who produced a small bag of white powder from his belongings.

Police say they suspect it is cocaine. Indonesia has particularly harsh drug laws, which means if found guilty, Jamie could spend years in prison.

However, his friends, who Murphy was there celebrating schoolies with, caught the moment he was apprehended on camera and claim he was set up.

In the video, Murphy adamantly denies the powder is his as security search his pockets.

Police have already taken blood and urine samples from the teen and are likely to charge him based on the results.

Even if the tests come back negative though he could still be charged for possession, which could see him spend years in jail.

The fact that the group of boys were there to celebrate schoolies has raised alarm bells for many with some suggesting they shouldn’t have been allowed to go.

Teens have already been arrested for drug use, fights and dangerous behaviour at schoolies on the Gold Coast, only here the punishment is not has harsh.

Most Australians are familiar with Indonesia’s strict drug laws after Schapelle Corby spent years in a Bali prison for drug smuggling and Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran were executed for the same crime.

The police head of Criminal Investigation in Kuta, Ario Seno Wimoko, Murphy is currently still considered “under investigation”.

“We have not yet dubbed him as a perpetrator,” Wimoko said.

“We suspect him to be one because we found a suspicious substance on him.

Do you think teenagers should be allowed to go to schoolies in Bali? Are you worried about what the outcome will be here?

  1. Barbara James  

    If you watch the video carefully he was grabbed out of the crowd and they went for his bum bag as if they knew that something was definitely in there. It all seems rather strange. The majority are over 18 and therefore adults so they can’t be stopped going to Bali so maybe the Western Australian government can look at putting on events similar to the ones in Queensland and keep them at home where they will be safer.

  2. Guy Flavell  

    Silly boy James !!! If you were actually carrying drugs in your bum bag then you
    definitely deserve to spend time in one of those awful Indonesian jails.
    Hopefully other stupid and naive Aussie teenagers will learn the dangers of carrying drugs
    within Indonesia from your misfortune.

  3. Mary Heffernan  

    Poor kid, he looks terrified! Why or why do the kids continue to go over there? Don’t they realise it’s a danger spot for the unwary?

  4. Pamela  

    Turned out to be paracetamol!

    He bought it as cocaine to use or sell but got duped!

  5. Petronette  

    I watched the news. I felt so sorry for him and his loved ones. I could not help but be moved to tears. What if it were my grandson! I prayed to a God that his innocence would be proved. With great joy I heard the good news on the evening news that he had been cleared and no drugs in his body!
    Jamie, you have been through a tough time! Enjoy the rest of your holiday and be a positive influence in the lives of those around you!

  6. Joan Marshall  

    Dear God why are these kids not learning particularly in a place like Indonesia where the penalty for drugs in many years in jail. Thank God my sons never chose to do that. It is their choice once they close 18. I would have been furious if he were my son and helpless to help him. A part of me would die if he was my son thank god he has been cleared.

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