As Aussie mum braces for Bali murder, British boyfriend changes his story

In a startling new development, the British DJ boyfriend of Australia mother Sara Connor has made a last minute change

In a startling new development, the British DJ boyfriend of Australia mother Sara Connor has made a last minute change to his version of events the night a Bali policeman was killed.

While David Taylor had originally claimed Ms Connor had been involved in the attack that lead to the policeman’s brutal death, he has now changed his statement to “I don’t remember” in key areas of the story.

Police have already said the couple are both being formally named as suspects in the death, but Mr Taylor’s sudden change of tune will complicate things for prosecutors.

Ms Connor has maintained all along that she was trying to protect the cop, but police say the bite marks on her leg and hand suggest otherwise.

While Mr Taylor had earlier claimed Ms Conner told him she had hit the policeman, he now says he can’t remember.

“Before the confrontation, he said Sara told him that [she hit Mr Sudarsa] after they got back to the homestay. But now, after the confrontation, he said: ‘Maybe … I forgot’.

“He was in a panicked state, he was scared, he only remembers now,” Mr Taylor’s lawyer Yan Erick Sihombing said.

Mr Taylor changed his statement that Ms Connor told him she had hit the officer. “He said he can’t remember Sara told him that. Sara also said she never told him that,” Mr Sihombing said.

Mr Taylor had also earlier claimed that Ms Connor had burned the bloodied clothes the couple had worn on the night of the police officer’s death.

“But he said just now: ‘Maybe Sara’s match wouldn’t light up. So I took the match and it was me who lit the fire to burn the clothes. Maybe (before) I wasn’t remembering clearly’.”

It’s just another twist in the case that seems like there is still a lot missing from the story…

Have you been following the case? What are your thoughts on this latest development?

  1. ken  

    It really does not make an ounce of difference in reality. BOTH are guilty of an offence committed in company, BOTH will be charged accordingly. Who did what is really not an issue. The guy is dead, both were involved and both will suffer the same penalty, or should. Mitigating circumstances regarding alcohol or drug consumption prior to the offence MAY be taken into account but again should not. The guys death is a probable consequence of their actions irregardless of sobriety. I have no pity or compassion for either of them..end of story..they are both guilty..lets move on to brighter news.

    • John Powell  

      Well spoken Ken every word is spot on I only wish as you say move on to some happier news as the Media will just keep hammering away when the public are sick of hearing about it…

  2. Greg Hills  

    I agree Ken. It is obvious that they are both guilty. It is just as well Indonesia does not have the death penalty for murder like it does for drug trafficking. A bit strange that law, but that is the way it is, I suppose.

    • Bruce Taylor  

      Not so strange Greg. In all probability a drug trafficker would have been responsible for more than one death. Drug traffickers are MASS murderers.

  3. Jill  

    They are both guilty I just feel sorry for her kids who are going to be left without her for many years.

  4. Lance Fishman  

    Don’t you just love it when self appointed internet users, thousands of kilometres away, who only have information via social media, newspapers, TV or radio can get on their high horses and proclaim on the guilt or innocence of others?
    Why bother with a police investigation and trial?
    I have no idea what happened in detail AND NEITHER DO THEY.

  5. Cheryl  

    I don’t people want to Bali cause they’ll set u up. Foe all we could no that cop could have tried to rape her. But I wouldn’t trust word they say. They regard tourist as rich and they even tried to set 15 year old kid. Think about.

    • Vic Roby  

      A few lessons in English wouldn’t go astray Cheryl.

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