Are we better off with fewer councils?

Today, I really feel for the people of New South Wales who are facing the inevitable loss of 27 per cent

Today, I really feel for the people of New South Wales who are facing the inevitable loss of 27 per cent of their councils.

Premier Mike Baird has announced that he will push ahead with the plan to merge 152 metro councils to 112 “super-councils”, acknowledging that it would be an unpopular move.

News Limited reports that the premier told NSW mayors the mergers would be “difficult” and even “frightening” for some.

So why do it? We recently lost our council in the amalgamation of the Moreton Bay region in south east Queensland. Our small community of 50,000 came “under the wing” of a much larger “super council” despite staunch opposition from the locals.

In NSW, communities will get the chance to tell the State Government what they think about the mergers and, having been at similar meetings up here in Queensland, I can see why the premier used the word “frightening”!

The very real fear is that the little guys get lost in these “super councils”. In NSW, the minimum population of the new local governments will be 150,000 people, with a whopping maximum of close to half a million. If you felt insignificant before, wait until you’re merged with five other insignificant areas.

Our area is completely different to the areas in the far reaches of our super-council, which covers coast, country, farm, industry and residential areas.

Mike Baird says the amalgamations have been designed with the interests of ratepayers in mind. He says smaller councils spend too much money, which, to many, sounds like “we want to spend less money on your local area”.

Mr Baird said, “Two thirds of councils have expenditure that is greater than revenue which is not a sustainable position into the long term.” ​

Do you support the merging of NSW councils? Has your council been amalgamated? Are you better or worse off?

  1. Don’t do it! You’ll regret it……like many of us in Qld.
    Jobs lost, rates went up, some areas of the shire getting preference over others…’s a disaster.

  2. one larger council takes over smaller on down the tube with any services all money spent in their section the rest of us ignored

  3. We will see a change here in the Central West NSW, with 3 councils merging, I am not going to predict the outcome and will keep an open mind but one can wonder how much it has been thought through as it seems it is only a cost cutting measure of the Baird government. Cost reductions are not necessarily bad but we do need to hear a few more positives. Orange has one of the most expensive rates outside of the metropolitan which many residents complain about but I’m more concerned with the quality of the new councils services. Will have to wait and see.

  4. Should get rid of all the states australia so over governed far to many people with there fingers on Our money

  5. I totally agree with it. We are far too overgoverned in this country. So much money gets wasted in duplicated services. If it were up to me I’d get rid of the State governments too.

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