Are Camilla and Charles heading for a split?

You could almost say they are at it again. No, not the Royals, but rather some in the media that

You could almost say they are at it again. No, not the Royals, but rather some in the media that want to try to make a mountain out of less than a molehill.

Yahoo7 Be has been following reports that Camilla has been staying away from Charles for more than ten days at a time. She prefers to stay at the home she owns in the country than his strict routine.

To some this “obviously” means that there is a massive breakdown in the marriage and that an announcement of their split could be soon. Or, what it could more logically be is a couple that is comfortable in their relationship, know that they want different things in life, stay in different places while still being together. Is it really that strange?

Of course, The Queen is said to be furiously trying to get the couple to work through their problems, but at the moment it seems that it might be for not. That is what some magazines would have you believe as their “sources close to the royals” are telling them. Who these sources are we don’t know, but “our sources” say it could be people that think they once saw the royal couple in a crowd once.

While these reports say, many are more worried about how much a split between Prince Charles and Camilla because of how much it could cost. According to Yahoo7 Be, Camilla could be getting $2 billion if the couple split as Camilla and Charles don’t have a prenuptial agreement like Diana and Charles did. This amount seems like a strange amount when you consider that The Queen herself only has an estimated net worth of $500 million and Charles has an estimated worth of $370 million.

Are the royal couple happy? We don’t know and neither do these other “sources”. Just because a couple lives a different lifestyle, allegedly, doesn’t mean they are in trouble.

What do you think of this type of story?

  1. Michael Gillespie  

    The standard of writing in this article is terrible!

  2. Barbara Bell  

    PLEASE – hire a proof reader for heavens sake – can’t take many more articles like this. Preferably only publish articles with complete sentences which make sense, contain no spelling mistakes and have passable grammar. Bigger, faster and more advertising – this website is slipping badly.

    • Kay Williams  

      Here here!!!!!! Appalling ‘journalism’…..

    • Jenny  

      I agree! What would the Royals think!

    • Renee Patterson  

      Totally agree with Barbara Bell and Michael Gillespie! Come on, Starts at Sixty. Pick up your game! This is not the first time…

    • mary  

      Then don’t read the articles – your problem solved

  3. Chris  

    Have to agree with previous comments, and I am also sick of the “tabloid” nature of articles.
    We are over 60 and I’ll guarantee none of us are particularly interested in opinions on how women dress, we are all against this kind of so called journalism, sensationalism at its worst.
    Start writing articles of real interest to those of us over 60 who like to read truth and inter sting articles.
    Thank you

  4. chris  

    Starts @60 you have been known to stretch the truth about people , i for one would welcome the split as i think Camilla is a dog, she split Charles and Diana`s marriage and her own, so the best news i can have is that the news is real, so please, Starts @60 DO NOT ACCUSE THE MEDIA OF making a mountain out of a molehill , when you also do it often , so don`t be hypocritical

    • robyn cok  

      what a crock, you can’t blame one person for splitting up that marriage, Charles was a big boy, he should have stood up to the public, the parents and all the naysayers and married who he liked instead of the sacrifical virgin. That marriage was doomed from the time she walked down the aisle. I for one, would like to see Camilla on the throne cocking her nose at all you perfect people who have never done anything wrong in your entire lives and feel the need to judge someone you actually only think you know because of all the rubbish that is reported.

      • Patricia Powell  

        Hit it on the nail Robyn. Also would like to add, very few people are able to cope with someone with emotional problems as Diana had and certainly not Prince Charles with his upbringing.

    • Rose  

      This would be great news if true. But I doubt it. She always wanted to be Queen and so close now, she would never do anything to damage her chances. Yes it is well known they spend a lot of time apart and have done so since the early stages of their marriage. Charles likes to have time alone and that enabled him to have affairs with Camilla and Dale during his marriage to William and Harry’s mother and anyone else who took his fancy.

  5. George  

    Possible link to the other rumor, that the queen is thinking about abdication. Time to clear the decks of the Royal yacht perhaps.. Reserving judgements, in royalty no surpises for me.

  6. Jenny  

    I think an article would be good on how the living arrangements for Charles & Camilla (they live apart but close by) is becoming a more acceptable arrangement for older couples, particularly those who’ve been married before.

  7. Yvonnne Hudacek  

    I have a similar arrangement. It works very well. The journalism here is wanting in so many ways.

  8. Olive Sant  

    Scandal mongering, that is all it is. I find that it is all to frequent on this site.

  9. Kerry Clark  

    This is complete rubbish, written by someone who is clearly semi-literate.

  10. Purdie Samson  

    ‘ but at the moment it seems that it might be for not.” What on earth does this mean???

    • Isabel Liddle  

      Should have been naught! – probably too young to know the word or didn’t bother reading after the spell checker did its thing!

  11. Hilary Holt  

    Absolute rubbish, just because people don’t spend 24 hours a day together doesn’t mean they are on the verge of a divorce – it seems very sensible to me.

  12. Dianne  

    Coarse: of inferior or faulty quality; common; base
    Ridiculous: worthy of ridicule or derision; absurd; preposterous; laughable
    Asinine: foolish, unintelligent, or silly; stupid
    Palavering: to talk profusely and idly
    In just one word (more suited to your quality of journalism), CRAP!

    • Guy Flavell  

      Very clever Dianne. I totally agree that this is a complete beat-up by sensationalist seeking journalists.

    • Linda Hughes  

      Very similar to reports re magazine articles earlier. All bull!

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