Are baby boomers to blame for worldwide Brexit fallout?

Millennials in Britain have taken to the streets in protest, blaming baby boomers for yesterday’s Leave victory in the Brexit
Photo: Lee Thomas

Millennials in Britain have taken to the streets in protest, blaming baby boomers for yesterday’s Leave victory in the Brexit vote.

Youth all across the country are furious with pensioners saying they made a selfish decision without thinking about how it would affect the generations to come.

Statistics revealing how Britain voted have now been released and they show that the majority of the leave votes came from over 50s, while the majority of youth voted to remain.

Now thousands of young people have descended upon parliament as well as the prime minister’s residence and London Bridge to vent their outrage.

They are carrying signs and flares and chanting protest songs as they get ready to try to fight their way back into the EU.

“Want to thank the older generations for once again screwing us over. Cheers, we’ll keep carrying the can for your mistakes,” said Jon Gleeson sarcastically.

“Older generations really don’t realise how badly this will affect our future,” wrote Lily Bowen on social media.

“Brilliant, once again the older generations get to decide what’s best and we’ve got to pickup the pieces,” said young voter Matt Cooper.

Grace ‏Lansbury posted: “Very disappointing result, I hope older generations and even those of my generation understand the repercussions of this outcome.”

Below are the latest figures from pollsters YouGov, revealing that young people voted in their droves for the Remain campaign.
18-24: 75% Remain
25-49: 56% Remain
50-64: 44% Remain
65+: 39% Remain

While it is no doubt a disappointing result for many, can millennials really heap all the blame onto baby boomers?

The Remain campaign reported a significantly lower turnout of voters than expected, leading some to speculate that the youth simply didn’t care enough to turn up on the day when it counted most.

It has also been reported that a huge number of people say they regret voting Leave and didn’t think their vote would count or even understand what it meant.

Not everyone agrees with this argument though.

“I turned up, I voted,” said one young woman. “We care a lot about this and we just got totally screwed over. It’s going to be so much harder for us to find a job now and get ahead. I’m really angry about it all.”

The protest runs in a similar vein to conversations that have been had in Australia too, with many young people blaming seniors for the high cost of living and housing.

They are arguing that baby boomers had it easier in their youth and had more chances to get ahead and make a life for themselves.

What do you think about this?

Do you think today’s youth have it harder than we did? Did baby boomers in Britain screw over the youth there?