Are Australians willing to accept more refugees? New poll results revealed

How exactly do Australians feel about refugees? According to new research findings, almost three in four Australians do not want

How exactly do Australians feel about refugees?

According to new research findings, almost three in four Australians do not want to see the country to take in more refugees despite the current crisis in the Middle East and Europe.

SBS reports that the new poll reveals only 28 per cent think the number of humanitarian arrivals Australia accepts should be increased from the current figure of 13,750. An additional 12,000 refugees will be taken from the Syrian conflict.

The poll, conducted by ­Essential Research, also found that 59 per cent of those surveyed believe immigration to Australia has been too high over the last decade.

Only 38 per cent said they agreed that, ‘accepting refugees is something a wealthy nation like Australia should do to support poorer nations.’

However, the poll results weren’t entirely against immigration, with 62 per cent saying that they believe multiculturalism and diversity has made Australia a better place.

The results also outline one of the key voter sentiments ahead of the Federal Election, with 41 per cent saying they would ‘trust’ the Liberal Party to have the right policies on immigration, compared to just 28 per cent who would ‘trust’ the Labor Party.

Recently, Immigration Minister Peter Dutton said, “Illiterate and innumerate” refugees would take Australian jobs or “languish” on the dole and use free health services provided by Medicare,” responding to criticisms by conservative Sky News presenter Paul Murray when he made the comments about a Greens idea to boost the refugee intake to 50,000.

Dutton also said, “These people would be taking Australian jobs, there’s no question about that.”

“For many of them that would be unemployed, they would languish in unemployment queues and on Medicare and the rest of it so there would be huge cost and there’s no sense in sugar-coating that, that’s the scenario,” said Dutton.


Do you think Australia is in a position to take in more refugees?

  1. Jill  

    How? With a massive debt, threats of cuts to pensions, hospitals etc. With all the homeless people in Australia I think we should be more concerned about our own.

  2. While I empathise with the refugees and the problems in their home countries I would not like to see us increase the numbers that we take at present.
    Charity should begin at home and I would like to see us sort out our own problems first. Australia is not a big nation, despite the fact that we live on a very large island!!
    Looking at the problems in Europe I think it’s time to take a step back and watch how that plays out. Europe as we know it will never be the same again which is sad as each country has it’s own distinct personality. They have made a great many mistakes ( and are still making them) in allowing that volume of people to flood in. It will be almost impossible to resettle them successfully. The problem that also arises is how many are true refugees? On the news reels there seemed to be a lot of young healthy men wearing branded clothes amongst the throng. Why didn’t they stay and fight for their country?
    We are having increased problems here with radicals which needs to be addressed severely as we are too soft on occasions.We need to start deporting the trouble makers not born here.

    • Well said . I am born of the league of nations background . I also have a lovely mixed nationality family. Australia is certainly a large island but is mainly populated around the edges . Watering Australia would have to be made essential, , to be able to create more of a population and employment opportunities . Cramming the cities is stupid

  3. wyn williams  

    No no no we have thousands on welfare….thousands out of jobs…thousands homeless….make them fight back for their own countries. …their country would NOT look after us if it was the other way round …most of the pictures you see are young men ..very well clothed men at that….tell them toget a bit of backbone and fight for their own Countries. ..not come here and be a burden to us… probably ending up hating us like the majority do ..

  4. Paul Hoolihan  

    Illiteracy and innumeracy, (plus stupidity) has not stopped Peter Dutton from being part of the idiotic Liberal leadership. Check to find that he has been supported by Julie Bishop who as a Lawyer, wanted a court to delay claims for compensation for asbestosis even though the claimants were dying.
    Perhaps the Liberal manifesto for anyone who needs held should “an inconvenient truth”.

    • Jude Power  

      Hooray, someone else who knows about julie bishop’s disgusting legal past: the claims of asbestos victims against James Hardie were delayed and delayed until most of them died

  5. Robert Young  

    We are a country with limited resources and more importantly insufficient infrastructure to accommodate large numbers of refugees. We have many other financial issues waiting to be solved, lets get the needy in Australia sorted before we attempt the massive task of accepting more refugees.

  6. bruce taylor  

    I think back to the times when we were bringing in migrants as quickly as we could. When the so called Hostels where they were accommodated until they got a job and housing in the community were always full.
    That was a time of full employment because every one of those families needed a house, a car. white goods and furniture etc etc. One could leave a job one day and be re employed the next which I did on several occasions. Immigrants create jobs they don’t take the off us. Please we are becoming a nation of people who want to blame someone else for the failure of successive governments to read the situation correctly and institute policies to deal with it.
    What we need is people in power with forward thinking and vision. Trouble is where do we get them?

    • Robyn  

      Bruce .. I so agree with you. There is so much more our govt could be implementing that would create more jobs in both the rural & country area but they either can’t or won’t. Really sad because with the correct leadership in govt I believe refugees would be a benefit to our country in so many ways.

    • Jessica  

      Really? Don’t take jobs from us???
      Local excellent cafe, run by Aussies for years, with all Aussie staff, has just been sold to Asians.
      New owner has sacked all the Aussie staff, & employed all Asians!

  7. Helen Williams  

    A refugee isn’t someone who chooses to leave their homes, families, possessions. They are fleeing from war, rape, torture and god knows what else. Bring in more refugees. They work hard, make sure their children get the education they missed out on and contribute to society. Problems to sort out already at home? Yes. But denying refugees a safe haven will not in any way make our own problems go away.

    • Marianne  

      So you’ll happily educate, feed, find them work, & house them, will you Helen?
      You’re expecting the rest of us to!
      Absolute balderdash you speak!

    • Gavin  

      Absolutely agree with Marianne. No way should we bring in more refugees. These people who say we should do so have to look at some of the videos from Germany, Holland, Sweden, etc. There is no way we need the terrible riots and destruction that the citizens of so many European countries are now suffering at the hands of these so-called “refugees”. As for saying they don’t choose to leave their homes, this is absolute rubbish too for vast numbers of them. Young, fit men, well dressed, well fed, good shoes; the question should be asked, why are they posing as refugees when they clearly are not. Definitely do not increase the numbers permitted in to Australia. Look after our own dis-advantaged first.

    • Jude Power  

      Thank you! Someone with compassion and empathy to counter the heartless comments on here

      • Helen Williams  

        Thanks, Jude. It’s quite shocking how ill informed people are. Many of the refugees Australia takes from war torn countries hold excellent qualifications and are literate in more than one language. It’s money well spent to accept these people. It would cost less than the present arrangements we have to keep refugees out.

  8. Richard Barnes  

    We’re crazy if we want more of this!!
    Enough is going down the gurgler of welfare entitlements as it is, why make it worse?

    the facts are the facts:
    A 2011 Immigration Department survey of people brought here under our humanitarian intake revealed some harsh truths.
    The vast majority are on Centrelink benefits (the dole, Austudy, youth allowance, family benefits) even after five years:

    This means refugees tend to cost Australian taxpayers plenty, and their children often grow up poor. In some communities this “marginalisation” – actually an inability for cultural reasons to seize our opportunities – has led to dangerous resentments. In other communities, however, the differences may well wash out with time…

    Those from predominantly Muslim countries have extraordinarily low levels of employment – just 9 per cent for Afghans and 11,8 per cent for Iraqis (and this was before boat people were banned from working):

    It is precisely because we’ve been too “nice” – or scared – to face up to facts that we now have such a terrible problem here with Muslim extremism, Middle Eastern crime gangs and the violent crime wave unleashed by the Apex gang.,d.dGc

  9. Richard Barnes  

    “a wealthy nation like Australia ”
    FYI Australia is BROKE with a huge debt load of about $500BILLION which will NEVER be paid off.

    Future generations will thank us for this NOT!

    • Jude Power  

      If Australia is so “broke” how come we have such a good international credit rating and weathered the GFC better than most other countries? Of course that was under the financially unreliable ALP ….

      • James  

        Oh, well, we all now know your political ‘side of the fence’!

  10. Richard Barnes  


    World Poverty, Immigration And Gumballs

    • Stan Corbett  

      Watched this video Richard and it puts a whole new way of thinking of immigration both legal and illegal.
      Are we actually doing the country of origin of these people a disservice by settling them in Australia?

      • Helen Williams  

        Refugees are not immigrants.

  11. Joan  

    Refugees have filled every role in Australia, as the recently appointed Bishop of Parramatta has said: if I came now, I’d be sent to Naura and never allowed to stay, we have had several ‘Young Australians of the Year’ who were refugees, except for the indigenous, we are all boat people or descended from boat people, show some humanity, and no our debt is not humungous, it’s manageable, and the result of Howard’s tax cuts which most people did not want and would have preferred better services and infrastructure.

    • Henry  

      “Refugees have filled every role in Australia”. Yep, sure have, including the 150 or so members of the Apex (Afro & Somali) gang in Melbourne running amok on the streets, robbing, intimidating,raping,home invading, car jacking and now manslaughter!.

      “Bishop of Parramatta” if he came by boat arranged by people smugglers. sure, he’d be sent to Nauru and allowed to stay there until he could prove his asylum application.

      “Young Australians of the Year”? Sure, there was one female from Lebanon who was awarded and then found out to be a drug addict and a drug dealer. What a disgrace!

      “show some humanity: Joan? Sure, Go to Melbourne and fix up the Apex gang problem. Console the innocent victims of the crimes committed by these inhuman refugee products. Then go to Germany and console the victims of the refugee crimes there. Go on Joan, show some humanity for the innocent victims!

      Majority of the immigrants to Australia arrive by boat or plane legally because they received government approval to enter Joan. Is that not good enough for you Joan?

      “it’s manageable” Joan? 50,000 refugees per year as suggested by the Greens Party will cost the Australian tax payers $1 billion dollars, year one. $2 billion, year two. $3 billion year three and so on. Over a period of 3 years it 90% of refugees unable to find work will cost the Australian tax payers $6 billion dollars plus. Perhaps you have that kind of money to splurge Joan but the Australian tax payers do not!

      People like you are detestable, part of the problem, you are anarchists defying the laws and the will of the majority of of the nation. You cry out “compassion and humanity” for illegal refugees but not for the victims of their crimes.

      • Joe  

        Touché, Henry, spot on!
        Sick of these types like Joan. They the cause of many problems here, so too, the Greens, who want 50,000 refugees to come in yearly!

        Go help us!

  12. colin  

    some of the comments here make me cringe to be Australian. pack of selfish hypocrites. The Anglicised names give it away a bit. The NOT IN MY BACK YARD mob> lets wait and see what happens in Europe. PULEEASE…..
    The refugee crisis is huge and a lot in part due to Australian involvement in Middle East civil wars. where would Australia be without the Greeks, Italians, Vietnamese.

    • Jude Power  

      Thanks Colin, I’ve been cringeing too at the heartlessness of most comments on this site

      • Neville  

        So, you, too, will join Helen above, & look after all these refugees’?

        Doubt it!

        Your so-called ‘compassion’ should be for our own people, who are doing it very tough, eg dairy farmers’, Pensioners’, homeless folk.

        You need a good kick where it hurts to wake you up to what’s happening HERE, NOW!

        • Helen Williams  

          I respect your stance. But not your rhetoric that includes harming anyone, including myself.

          • Henry  

            Really Helen? Go and tell that to the Apex gang and the refugee “Mustafa” Taxi drivers who have harmed innocent people with their crimes of sexual assault, robbery, car jacking, home invasions and manslaughter. Go on Helen, tell them not to harm any one including you. Do people like you honestly believe that the majority of Australians are going to tolerate these refugee crimes? It’s bad enough that we have our own home grown crimes that the authorities and people like you can;’t manage, we don’t need any more.

          • Neville  

            In denial of the huge range of problems we’ve here, Helen, & how dumbo’s like you need waking up?
            AND you’re not the only one……..

    • James  

      Were the Greeks, Italians, & Vietnamese of the Islamic cult, which is causing horrendous problems everywhere?

      I don’t think so, so what you say is invalid!

    • Julie Norman  

      I must apologise for my Anglicised name and my blonde hair and blue eyes. You know my father came out on a boat from England when he was 12 years old and started work straight away, no secondary schooling for him, no government hand outs either. He worked hard physical work until he was nearly 70 and never whinged or complained. He loved this country and gave back to it in spades. I am sick of the lefties trying to make us feel guilty because of our, surnames or looks or our faith. Australia has been the most generous nation in helping people but now we are being taken for fools. We need to help the homeless here, the mental health sufferers before we help anyone else.

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