Anthony Mundine calls for a boycott to the Australian national anthem on GF weekend

If you are heading to or watching the AFL or NRL grand finals this weekend, Anthony Mundine wants you to

If you are heading to or watching the AFL or NRL grand finals this weekend, Anthony Mundine wants you to boycott the Australian national anthem.

The former rugby league player turned boxer shared a video to his Facebook page on September 29 encouraging people to “make a stand” at ANZ Stadium and the MCG in support of the indigenous community.

The push to boycott Australia’s national anthem follows San Francisco 49ers’ quarterback Colin Kaepernick and other players in other sports in the United States who have knelt during the US national anthem in protest against racial inequality and injustice.

“Been saying this for years!” Mundine writes. “All players Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal should boycott the anthem and start changing Australia’s ignorant mentality. Let’s move forward together yo.”

Mundine’s support of the movement follows that of former rugby league players Larry Corowa and Joe Williams.

“Imagine if a couple of guys did it on grand final day — what a powerful message it would send to white Australia,” Williams told Rugby League Week magazine.

He went on to say that “it would bring all the racism that’s in the closet to the surface…” and highlighted that “our footballers are role models and the ideal ones to bring about change.”

However, not everyone agrees with Mundine’s stance and opponents took to his Facebook page to respond to the post:

What are your thoughts on this issue? Does Australia have a problem with racism? Should the Australian national anthem be revised and updated?

  1. Charles  

    The idiot has been punched around the head too much. Hope Danny Green knocks some sense into him next time they meet!

  2. Maria Armenis  

    You DIdnt mind getting paid playing for Australia and you want respect so don’t disrespect our anthem

  3. bob battye  

    Anthony, if you took the time to actually LOOK at when the National Anthem is being sung you should note that most players of both codes DO NOT SING the anrhem anyway.
    There is a saying Anthony, “‘Tis better for people to think you are an idiot,than for you to open your mouth and remove all doubt”. Nothig more needs to be said.

  4. Jennifer  

    I think that you have been hit too many times in the head!

  5. And it is people like this that make ‘sorry’ a crock, why bother trying to integrate when you are smashed at every turn. So go home Mundine, you time has expired, no one cares any more.

  6. Lynne Bishop  

    The only powerful message you will send out is what an idiot you are and how wrong. And if you want respect and to be a role model then earn it. You don’t get that by just kicking a ball around. It has to be carried through to the rest of your life and community.

  7. colin  

    give them what they want. and take back the education, the health, the clothing, the MONEY.

  8. Keith  

    Taken one too many to the head methinks­čśť

  9. Michael cole  

    You’re not doing your people’s cause any good with these ridiculous comments..All this does is inflame issues and turn people against indigenous issues

  10. Pamela  

    Aboriginals are the biggest racists in Australia!

    If they want equality they should forget the colour of their skin – and ours – and agree to be treated same as everyone else without constantly demanding extras that non-aboriginals do not receive.

    • Annette Luzza  

      So totally agree with you.people like Mundine and Adam Goods do their fellow aboriginal people no good with their reverse raclsm.They like to like in our country and take all the perks of the white mans hard work but then turn around snd bite the hand that has made Australia what it is today.

  11. Newton Hill  

    Perhaps we could burn the Australian flag at the same time? At what stage would Mundine (or should that be Mundane) be satisfied? It can go both ways but the other side knows what would happen in the media if they suggested it.

  12. This man just causes the country to seperate, he has been out of the lime light and just has a need for attention, leave our national anthem alone.

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