Another popular reality TV show gets axed

If you like to sit down at night and watch TV, then you’ve probably noticed some once-popular reality TV shows

If you like to sit down at night and watch TV, then you’ve probably noticed some once-popular reality TV shows disappearing from your screen.

First it was Australian Idol getting axed, then it was Dancing with the Stars, and now X Factor is joining the ranks of shows that have been given the chop.

Despite a change in judges this year, the popular TV talent show has been axed from Channel Seven’s line up for 2017.

Seven’s Head of Programming Angus Ross confirmed the news, telling TV Tonight that X Factor was “not coming back”.

You might be wondering why?

Well, it turns out the show wasn’t as popular last year as it had been in previous years – despite the addition of Iggy Azalea and Adam Lambert as judges.

“Obviously the back half of the year wasn’t as successful as the front half of the year for us. We walk away with Secret Daughter as a win from the back half, but there was a bit of disappointment with some of the other shows,” he said.

“But we are very hard markers on ourselves, versus others. Some numbers that may get a pass mark on other networks don’t get a pass mark with us. So we have a number of slots to fill and over the next couple of months we’ll be announcing a lot more.”

If you’re a fan of TV talent shows, that leaves just The Voice over on Channel Nine for you after Australia’s Got Talent was canned at the end of last year.

It leaves the question, what do you want to watch?

As TV shows battle to keep audiences and maintain ratings, it’s the big question for many TV executives.

So, what do you like to watch? Are you a fan of reality TV shows or TV talent shows?


  1. Brian Lee  

    The sooner ALL the so-called ‘Reality Shows” die off the better, in my opinion.They are utterly boring for anyone with an IQ above 50, and they are about as far away from real life as it is possible to get. The trouble is, in the earlier days of TV, when there were only one or two channels, a team of expert writers could write great shows, either in comedy or drama, which thrilled the lot of us, (their material is still being repeated even today!). Nowadays, we have about the same amount of writing talent available, but they are trying to fill fifty or more channels. Impossible of course, so producers have to create all this mindless reality stuff to fill in the gaps, and WE have to suffer!

    • Cheryl Anderson  

      I totally agree with you Brian , most of the reality shows are full of lay people trying to be actors and get their 15 minutes of fame

  2. Murray Walker  

    Thank the TV god let them all go, along with the soap opera rubbish. Hallelujah!!

  3. Deb  

    Get rid of all reality shows. Boring. Can’t stand them. Mindless hosts and even more mindless participants. I barely watch commercial tv these days and even have to change stations if an ad comes up for the reality garbage. Yuck yuck yuck!!!

  4. sandra  

    Get rid of the Batchelor and all shows like it. What about the new ones like bride & prejudice, married at first sight, gogglebox as all a load of dribble.

  5. david  

    agreed let them all die a quick death

  6. Michele  

    Certainly won’t miss the reality shows. At the moment they dominate tv. We just turn Netflix on or read.

  7. Robyn gaffel  

    Reality show games are dead weights entertainment wise. One or two are ok but the plethora is just too much. Even 800 Words looks like a stupid storyline. But then we don’t watch soaps either. Re-run of shows we watched on ABC first showing are often better than the 7:30 time slot on offer. I will say though, after bagging the concept before it started, the funniest show is Goggle box. Great lighthearted show and boy! I agree with so much they say. Same fly on the wall in our house! And kudos to the editors -great job.

  8. David  

    Thank GOODNESS for Real Housewives of Melbourne, Real Housewives of Sydney, Selling Homes Australia, Grand Designs Australia, Wentworth, etc. Sad to see Idol, Got Talent, X-Factor go. (Have I missed anything?)Soon, the only Australian content will be the News. Lighten up world! Let’s be entertained!

  9. Liz  

    Agree with most of these comments! Rarely watched them unless on a repeat or on FB when someone was extremely talented!

  10. jo myles  

    We need a a good show where new talent can show their skills. The padding and advertising on previous shows is what puts people off watching. Also if you tape these shows, as I do, you can edit out the ads and padding.

  11. Wendy  

    Bring back Russell Coit and Kath n Kim they were hilarious!

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