Another painful social media fail for Aldi

Poor Aldi, you might say, their social media team just can’t get any luck with the timing of their posts.  At the

Poor Aldi, you might say, their social media team just can’t get any luck with the timing of their posts.  At the time when the store is being stalked by Animals Australia for continuing to sell caged eggs, they have ignored the danger signs and tried to get funny with consumers over animal planters that were on sale this week.   And the comments and sarcasm rung out widely.

The post, which has now been removed invited customers to “tell us your best animal joke” – a seemingly innocuous thing to request except that it was a week when Aldi was being coarsely targeted, continuing to sell caged eggs when other suppliers decided on more humane approaches after the recent egg scandal brought humane treatment of battery hens to light.

aldi Australia_animals

Sarcastic and entertaining responses abounded, starting with the eggs as the primary issue.

One customer wrote “What did the chicken say to Aldi? Please let me out of the cage, forever and for always.”

Another… “Why didn’t the chicken cross the road? It couldn’t, it was stuck in a cage supplying eggs for Aldi”.

A third… “It’s a sad day – Aldi chooses to make animal jokes when so many of its customers are asking it to take animal welfare seriously”

A fourth… “Why did Aldi go broke? Cause the Australian population is disgusted by Aldi’s support for battery hens”

It just kept getting worse for the post, which was live for hours.

Animals Australia has been applying firm pressure to Aldi in recent weeks over battery hens.  It might have been enough for them to see the risks of the social campaign connected with any animal turning against them.  The video recently produced (below) shows the campaign that they have been running to put a stop to cage eggs in the store.

Your thoughts?

Aldi social 2 aldi social 1

ALDI customers respond to cage eggsALDI Australia supports battery cages. We wanted to see if their customers did, too:

Posted by Animals Australia on Friday, April 1, 2016

  1. irene  

    Lighten up people… There doesn’t have to be a sinister side to everything..I refuse to spend my time looking for “causes”

    • Rhiannon  

      And all this coming from a country that still ships live sheep and cattle to the Middle East for supposedly Halal slaughter!

    • Pam Newman  

      Exactly, love Aldi, has to be Woolies and Coles putting up these ridiculous smear campaign. I will keep shopping at Aldi regardless of where there chickens etc come from, yes much cleaner than the big 2 🙂

  2. Wendy Oakley  

    As far as the egg “crisis” Woolies and Coles also sell cage eggs. As for this rubbish, the duopoly of Wollies/Coles is obviously paying this site big bucks to smear Aldi.

    • Beryl Richards  

      I agree with you Wendy

      • carol  

        i agree all supermarkets are the same no need to pick on just one .

      • Janet Berendse  

        I agree, that was the first thing that came to my mind, must be scared of the competition and rightfully so I say.

    • Wendy McIntosh  

      Totally agree with you there Wendy. Some people just want to cause a stir.

    • Desiree Says  

      Cole and Woolworths have both stated they are phasing out cage eggs by 2018 and until then are dedicating a smaller shelf space in store until then.

    • isabel  

      I agree with you Wendy Oakley the big supermarkets and others still sell caged eggs!

    • Judy  

      Eggs-actly Wendy Oakley, they can smear Aldi all they want, but they need to be very careful it doesn’t back fire on them. Give me Aldi anytime.

    • colin  

      wendy. you make the comment so PROVE IT.

  3. Bronwyn Ereaut  

    well I live in Portland Vic and the Aldi store is 1000 times cleaner and better organised than Safeway with their broken freezer lids or non existing freezer lids last time I was there – IGA is lovely but only shop there after Aldi cos they are too expensive. People get a life and get off the computer chair-stop staring at the screen and take a walk = breathe some fresh air and stop responding to the ridiculous claims paid for by the big duopoly.

  4. kim mitchell  

    PATHETIC, Starts at 60!
    Who is paying you to single out only one retailer of eggs from caged hens?

    • Pam Bodger  

      Couldn’t agree more. Why pick on Aldis. This is a deliberate act. Coles and Woolies sell more caged eggs than Aldis do. Disgusting to do this. I will not be fooled and will of course only buy absolute free range, but I think this is a disgusting thing to blight Aldis. You know why? Because they are giving Coles and Woolies a real shakeup. Shopping day for me tomorrow. After this, its in to Aldi’s.

  5. Gill  

    Aldi does sell free range eggs, they may not be the 1500 hens per hectare product, but better than cage eggs which they sell also.Your choice!

  6. Ruby  

    Starts at Sixty.why don”t you target the other 3 supermarkets for selling caged eggs Woolworths do as does Coles & IGA’
    Seems to me you’re being biased towardsALDI as you have in the past. Goodbye starts at Sixty you have lost me!!!!!

  7. Vicki Penniment  

    I love the animal planters, nothing at all to do with eggs. what’s wrong with people?

  8. Dianne Pearsell  

    No doubt this was started by Coles and Woolworths who feel threatened by Aldi. You can buy free range eggs at Aldi so it is the consumers who let the cage chooks down.

  9. The other supermarket brands were all mentioned Aldi cops it because the list is in alphabetical order. I don’t really care if the eggs are from caged poultry or not … they taste the same as far as I am concerned and chooks are chooks … but I do worry about any animal that is fed GMO grain or feed … now that does have mega potential to do damage to the animal and the consumer of the product …!!

  10. it would seem woolies and coles may be spreading some bad vibes about aldi cant take the pressure why all of va sudden people are complaining about there chickens áre all trhere eggs free roaming

  11. Barbara Preston  

    Just getting an egg from ANY SUPERMARKET than is actually fresh and doesn’t float all over the fry pan when trying to cook fried eggs. This is an obvious sign than eggs are not fresh. I live in a country area you would think fresh eggs would be available somewhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Carlos Tome  

    People, it’s simple, don’t buy the eggs.

    • Pauline Miles  

      Exactly. Aldi wouldn’t stock them if nobody was buying them

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