Another case of domestic violence against men, and still not enough is being done

In Australia one in three victims of domestic violence will be men, and yet their plight is often ignored. Now

In Australia one in three victims of domestic violence will be men, and yet their plight is often ignored. Now a shocking case involving Jermaine Jackson (of Jackson 5 fame) is drawing greater attention to this issue.

Jermaine’s wife Halima Rashid was arrested by Los Angeles police yesterday, after reportedly attacking her husband and biting his leg. Halima was later released after paying more than $50 000 in bail.

Jermaine himself is yet to speak about the incident, though he’s not alone. Australian men who become victims of domestic violence are 2 to 3 times less likely to report it, compared to women.

According to the One In Three campaign, “The needs of male victims remain largely unmet. Historically, government policies have been based on the assumption that the vast majority of perpetrators are male, and the vast majority of victims are female.”

One in Three is calling for more to be done regarding domestic violence against men: “Now it is time for action by politicians and community leaders to recognise that a comprehensive approach is required.”

With an estimated wealth of over $2 million, Jermaine’s case also demonstrates that domestic violence can impact anyone, regardless of their economic background. Indeed, One In Three explains that many “complexities” lead to instances of violence.

“All victims need compassionate and highly responsive support, and all perpetrators need services to help them stop their use of violence and abuse,” the website states.

In a society where violence against women is intolerable, it certainly seems that men do not receive the same rights or protection. Unfortunately, Jermaine’s case is just the latest in a string of concerning examples.

As One in Three states, “Violence and abuse can never be excused or justified, however in order to reduce the levels of violence in the family, we must seek to understand the causes and contexts that give rise to it.”

Is Australia doing enough to address domestic violence against men? Why haven’t stronger measures been put in place to protect every member of the family? 

  1. Domestic violence to men , women or children should never be tolerated in Australia, harsh jail times should be enforced and any incident investigated

  2. Domestic violence no matter if it is male or female is a crime and the perpetrator should be punished by the law without question.

  3. I’m astonished that you give any credence to this unsubstantiated statistic backed by a story from USA about a woman biting her husband’s leg. In Australia this year, two women per week have been murdered by an intimate partner. I deplore violence of any sort but the story and so-called statistic given a platform here enable men to slide away from facing up to the fact that they need to examine their own violence before they start competing with women for victim status.

    • Why was she biting his leg. What was he making her do for her to be on the floor. Bit higher up hopefully she got his willie!

    • WHY cant D/V against men be believed?? It does happen and shouldnt be tolerated either

    • I have seen this with my own eyes, when a friend brought his 3 little children to our house because his wife had attacked him once again, and he had the cuts and bruises to show us… She had even attacked him in front of us… so yes, it does happen… goes both ways.. so don’t dismiss it..

    • I have seen it too , broken ribs, bruising , black eyes , woman are just as capable of violence as men are , I just don’t get why some people see it as a competition , violence against anyone needs to stop & there are plenty of women in jail for murder not just men !!

      • Alec McCracken  

        I totally agree with your comment, Libby Johnson. Seems she has a chip on her shoulder about men in general.

    • Family and Domestic Violence against men is far more common than recognised. Programs for women perpetrators are almost non existent. Do not redirect the responsibility for the violence towards the victim. Men are victims as well. Violence against another is unacceptable.

    • I know first hand about DV against men it’s pretty hard to see fact being after several bruised vertebrae and broken ribs via a cricket bat he finally left when asked why he didn’t retaliate the answer was I don’t hit women so those of you sanctimonious ignorants the stats are there people should keep their bloody hands and temper under control

    • All aspects of domestic violence must be tackled. Men are beaten just as severely as women and also have no defence against their attacker. I am pleased that men are starting to speak out about it at long last

    • Murder of women is much more likely in dv situations. While I’m sorry for any dv victim the stats you quote are wrong . It is not one in three.

      • 40% of the victims of homicide (in a domestic violence situation) were male – see Would a reasonable person interpret this as “murder of women much more likely”? I don’t think so. One man dies every ten days via DV, we just don’t hear about that piece of the jigsaw … ditto regarding the relatively high incidence of DV involving lesbian couples … or the high level of child abuse/neglect and murder perpetrated by women. Matter of fact, we don’t hear much about any area of DV that doesn’t accord with the feminist narrative. Aren’t you troubled by that? I am

    • Josephine men are victims and perhaps not so many are murdered because they are physically stronger that women and get way with abrasions and bruises but that does not make it any less of a crime. Woman are murdered because a man is physically stronger. Violence does not always end up with some one being murdered. Sometimes both men and women commit suicide because of domestic violence against them. This can because of both physical and psychological abuse. I have a friend who committed suicide because he felt it was the only way to get away from his abusive wife. No one believed he was being abused becuase his wife was thought to be a ‘nice’ person by everyone. But this goes to prove no one knows what goes no behind closed doors.

    • All violence is WRONG. What is wrong with people? They all need to learn some self control. For god sake.

    • Domestic violence against men is happening and I think these days more and more you dumb women that think it isn’t need to wake up and yes even 6 ft 4 men that have been bought up to not hit women get abused but they don’t admit to it because dumb arses like you and other men think they are weak

    • Valerie, your point about physical abuse is lost , due to your demonstration of verbal abuse

    • Ann Cleveland-Dunn…you are absolutely spot on…As a survivor of Narcissistic Violence,this is exactly what the Narc does….abuses the victim till she retaliates,then cries out that he has been abused….and yes ,women have killed,after a lifetime of abuse….my ex used to play me that same way..when I exploded,my children would view a “crazy”mother,whlie ex sat in the corner and said nothing….If a man is covered in said bruises,why does he not go to police??…The Narcissist projects blame onto the true victim,while he prjects to everyone that he is the victim……many a family member has been fooled by this….much education to public s needed on the way of the Narcissist …..our society is full of them!!!

      • Sitala  

        Men don’t go to the police because they get laughed out of the station. They don’t go to the police because, like you are doing, they get blamed for being attacked.
        Women are just as abusive, with biological mothers being nearly twice as likely to kill their child as a biological father. But do you hear about females being the abusive ones? No, that would ruin the feminist agenda.

        How about you do some research that isn’t feminist conformation bias and learn that men are suffering too, they’re not to blame for being abused.

      • Please provide a hyperlink to a credible source to back up your claim that 85% victims of DV are women

    • Josephine, how ironic that you feel that way. Feminists using allegations alone to support their biased narrative is extremely commonplace. Indeed it is very much the rule – rather than the exception to the rule – in articles written by pro-feminist journalists. See for example: and

    • Many men here in our country thats right Australia commit suicide thru the shame they feel with Domestic violence-no one believes them but let me tell you we know its happening..
      D V is not gender specific & is not acceptable!!!
      I feel great sadness for the women killed by D.V but it does happen to MEN too….

  4. Seems to me that politicians, social workers etc, presume that ALL domestic violence perpetrators are male. Made worse by the fact that it is un PC to accuse any female of any kind of violence.

  5. She bit his leg? How? What position does a woman have to be in that biting a leg is their go to option?

  6. Violence is violence, when we can accept that regardless of gender bias, we might move forward.

  7. I was married to a psychopath bitch And i lived with domestic violence for 20years I was stabbed had boiling coffee poured over me punched and kicked

  8. Problem is it is difficult for some to get out of there quick. Often no where to run to. People in the neighbourhood often do not want to get involved – especially with guns etc often on the places. Sad jit true. If Police are called they are often to late. Running from bullies seldom works. If it happens once too many times. Only way is to get out and stay out

  9. Domestic violence is domeztic violence no matter who it happens to. Regardless of gender, this country hasnt got it right. While everyone is up in arms about terroism and rightly so, dont get me wrong, still not enough is being done about domestic violence. It is largely put in the too hard basket.

  10. Domestic violence should not be put up with either sex. We had White Ribbon Day last Wednesday 25th November, perhaps thought should be placed for something similar for men.

    • Sitala  

      On Facebook, there is a group called Black Ribbon, trying to do just that.

  11. I have encountered similar violence by a wife towards her husband and I can promise you, it’s no laughing matter. Especially when men are often brought up to never lift a hand up against a woman. Thankfully, they are no longer together, but she still has most custody of their beautiful little boy. She has gone out of her way to use the son to hurt him, but thankfully family, friends and even a judge has seen through her and have provided him with much needed support. He is a lovely dad who was snared by a vicious, vindictive woman.

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