Another airplane has gone off-course, forcing safety concerns

Malaysian Airlines has undergone the MH370 and MH17 tragedies, and now another one of their airplanes has charted off-course. This

Malaysian Airlines has undergone the MH370 and MH17 tragedies, and now another one of their airplanes has charted off-course. This latest incident has sparked further concerns about the safety of air travel.

Flight MH132 left Auckland for Kuala Lumpur on Boxing Day, and shortly thereafter took an unusual turn towards Melbourne. The pilot noticed this discrepancy after eight minutes, and phoned air traffic controllers in New Zealand.

Airways Corporation, New Zealand’s peak air navigation body, is now investigating the incident. Its spokeswoman said: “The flight plan that the airline has filed with us was slightly different to the flight plan that the pilot was expecting to follow”.

She added, “basically what that meant was the turn-off point at which he would leave New Zealand air space was in a different place to the one that we had for him”.

Passengers were not made aware that their flight had charted off-course, but the public at large has expressed concerns. Facebook user Sampsa Laine wrote, “I’m avoiding Malaysia Airlines for a while now – they’ve exceeded my ‘weird events per annum’ quota”.

Whilst Michelle Ruffner added online, “people are still flying Malaysian Airlines? I wouldn’t fly with them for anything”. 

Would you fly with Malaysian Airlines after this latest discrepancy? Do you have concerns about the safety of air travel?

    • ‘Training’ includes flight progress monitoring techniques and resolving discrepancies or uncertainties … this is, quite correctly, what happened in this case.

  1. Flew with Malaysian Airlines heaps of times in the past, really excellent service. Can’t understand what’s gone wrong in the past few years. Most problems seem to be pilot error, maybe better training is needed.

  2. I used to fly Malaysian Airlines … worst incident I had was when their atelier managed to knock over a glass of wine into my lap whilst serving … But, given the flight plan deviations of Malaysian Airlines and the catastrophes they have had … I am assuming malicious intent and as this latest was for a flight departing NZ … well, I now would not book a flight with Malaysian ever; Qantas preferably or Air NZ will do me.

  3. this could be error, however in this day and age of terror, it’s very frightening it happened, could other airlines be made to go off grid this way? and pilot just did not realize as the planes mainly fly auto? who knew what may have happened?

  4. There is no way I would ever fly back to UK from NZ with this airline. It’s unbelievable the pilot had to ask Auckland Air Traffic Control if he was on the right flight path. Scary.

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