Andrew Bolt and Peter Fitzsimons in fight over racist slur

An argument between high-profile journalists Andrew Bolt and Peter Fitzsimons has caused a divide down the so-called left and right
The journalists are caught in a war of words.

An argument between high-profile journalists Andrew Bolt and Peter Fitzsimons has caused a divide down the so-called left and right sides of media.

Bolt and Fitzsimons have been caught in a war of words over a slip of the tongue by the later when talking about an incident with the South African cricketing team last week.

Fitzsimons was talking on Sky Sports when he vented his outrage about a South African official who shoved a local journalist as the team made their way through the airport.

“That was disgraceful. If you are touring in a foreign country, you are visitors to their shores, to have your gorilla throw that guy — and I say gorilla in the sense of security, you know,” he said.

This was where Bolt took issue. Fitzsimons had slammed Bolt in 2013 when he defended a 13-year-old girl who had called AFL player Adam Goodes an “ape”.

Now, Bolt has called Fitzsimons a hypocrite for his “gorilla” comment and demanded he apologise.

Aside from the clear issue of racial slurs that has arisen here, there has been talk about the apparent left and right leaning media.

Bolt blasted the “left leaning media” for letting Fitzsimons get away with his comment after they plastered the 13-year-old girl’s face all over the front page.

While journalists are meant to remain impartial and balanced on all news and politics, it seems that in recent history a number of Australia’s leading papers and websites have made their preferences clear.

For many, the problem with this is that readers get more of one side of the story than the other and it defeats the whole purpose on unbiased media.

There have been calls from some for all news outlets to readjust and take a more balanced approach to the way they do things, but others say the system is just fine how it is and that compared to media sites in other parts of the world, Australia has it pretty good.

What are your thoughts?

Is the media too biased? Or do you think most media in Australia is fairly balanced?

  1. Sue Duffy  

    I saw two incidents on television last week where journalists were physically contacted by their targets. One a woman walking down the street and the second with cricket teams at Adelaide Airport. In both cases the so called journalists were being extremely aggressive and in your face and in the personal space, to the extent of impeding their progress, of people who were clearly trying to ignore them.

    So called journalists do not have rights beyond other people. Where is the concept of good manners? By what stretch of the imagination can a pack of journalists hound a person within inches as they are trying to get from A to B? The journalists were clearly harassing their targets by sticking microphones in their faces and attempting to get a “rise”. This in no way constitutes journalism.

    • Cheryl  

      I completely agree, I watched that and thought what an arrogant in your face reporter. I don’t blame the person who pushed him. I can’t stand peter fitzsim ons and thought his comment unacceptable and agree with Bolt regarding the absolute uproar regarding Goodes so what is different here?

      • Bob c  

        Hear hear. Journalists are not God, and should stop pretending they are. People deserve their rights to privacy, even from overpowering, pushy reporters, who think they are about anything in the name of sensationalism

    • Sue Sundstrom-Watson  

      Agree! Haranguing people is inappropriate whoever you or they are! And surely this is the point Fitz is making that whoever you are on the sides debate if you are a guest you expected to be polite! The so called politically correct Bolt surely was mis reading Fitz’s remark! I would have thought that if you are protecting anyone you are being as we think of gorillas! Huffing and puffing! Making big get lost gestures with your body and. spaces! Nothing to do with anything racial White black brown yellow or green can do Huff and Puff Gorilla body language! All this very unlike the Adam Goodes Ape analogy! But I totally understand how the head space of ‘why me Bolt’ drew a parallel! He makes victim a dirty word!

    • Jaz  

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  2. Guy Flavell  

    Get off your high horse Bolta. You know exactly what Fitzsimons meant with the “gorilla” reference.
    It was no way a racist slur. The “ape” business most definitely was though and the little
    girl was certainly brought to task … sadly, far too harshly in my opinion.

    • Colm  

      ……and from where did she learn it?
      Her parents’, obviously!

  3. christine perry  

    not sure when the last time was that we had unbiased media in this country. that journo at the airport was begging to be pushed and anyone in the same position as the south african cricketer would have done the same thing. journos do not have the right to behave the way they do and it is time they stopped calling foul when they cause people to foul them. that moron at big bash cricket last year and now the south african incident. it is amazing how we behave so badly and then want to be the victim

  4. David Cook  

    Good onya Andrew Bolt , Keep the Bastards Honest.

    • Mackay  

      Agree, David!
      Have been following Bolt’s journalism for years’, & find it one of the best!

      Couldn’t same the same for other, with the stupid red rag on his head always.
      What’s he trying to prove by it?
      Must ask Lisa if he wears it to bed!

  5. Dianne Evans  

    I do not think in this instance he meant it in a racial way like the girl did but the media turn my husband and I off watching a lot as they shove cameras in people fases and yell questions that people can not ans w because it in in court or they do not wish to speak and we are bored and fed up with this type of reporting. The papers are so one sided they do not give proper curve rage and the truth is treated very lightly.

    • Marianne  

      Did you even go to School?
      Your Spelling is bad, & your GRAMMAR is absolutely appalling!


      What’s ‘curve rage’? Going around a corner too fast?
      …….’cannot’ is one word!
      One sentence is NOT four lines’ in length! Geeesh!

      And you’re too lazy to even read what you’ve typed before posting your comment!

      IQ level? 0……..

      • Kent  

        You are rude and thats putting it mildly.

        • Marianne  

          ……..& your Grammar’s a fail!

  6. Greg Hills  

    Well might you say, “well done Bolta for keeping the bastards honest”. The trouble with Andrew Bolt is that he only ever keeps those with opposite views to himself honest. In his eyes, his far right wing mates can do no wrong.
    As far as the airport incident is concerned, there are two indiscretions here. Firstly, the journalist had no right to press so closely for an interview with a cricketer who clearly just wanted to go home. Secondly, the “gorilla” security person as usual got a little bit carried away with their “protection”.
    As for unbiased journalism – sadly, a dying occupation I am afraid. Although the veteran Laurie Oakes still stands head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to impartiality and balanced reporting.

  7. Andrew does not know what it is to be unbiased. He very rarely gives a balanced view, whether politics or other issues, eg climate change.

  8. A red scarf on the head, is this guy a complete moron this fashion was in 20 years ago or is the old man trying to look hip

    • Algernon  

      Maybe he’s trying to get a ‘bit’ part in the next ‘Pirates’ movie…………
      That’d be all he’s worth!

  9. Obviously, apart from the RED ” scarf “, with all the WEIGHT LOSS, recently he doesn’t feel like the HEAVY weight of old ! #

  10. Bowsa  

    I think it is time for some people,including media types,to grow up.The more you analyse and fight over words ,the larger you make the problem.The only way that racism will change is when our attitudes towards each other changes .It is possible to voice an opinion without a racial slur being included just as not every criticism of an action makes one a racist.It is the same with the use of the F word etc.This doesn’t strengthen an argument ,in fact it shows a weakness in character and a slipping of the moral code that a lot of us were brought up with.

  11. Dian Kruse  

    Give me Andrew Bolt any day!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Phillip Worrall  

    Andrew Bolt enhances his career by presenting a racist line, & a politically RW views. However only a fool would fail to acknowledge Working for Murdock controlled media,obviously requires presenting views that are proven to attract those fearful of things they find hard to comprehend.Simple matter then to present LNP gov as the solution to their fears. A gov that is appreciative and supportive of Murdock’s Business interests

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