And the country that treats their people the best is…not Australia

When it comes to treating their citizens best, there’s one country who does it better than the rest… and it’s

When it comes to treating their citizens best, there’s one country who does it better than the rest… and it’s not Australia.

Does this come as a surprise?

Sweden has topped a poll as the best country when it comes to serving the interests of its people while avoiding damaging impacts to other nations and the environment, reports the Independent.

The results were revealed in the Good Country Index, a league table based on 35 separate indicators from sources including the United Nations and the World Bank.

Sweden scores highest for positive lifestyle contributions including prosperity, equality, health and wellbeing, while also performing well culturally.

Iceland tops the list for its overall contribution to the planet and climate protection.

The index shows that Sweden does more “good” and less harm than any other country on Earth.

The report compares a country’s contributions to the planet and the human race.

Leading policy advisor Simon Anholt and creator of the index said, “A good country is one that successfully contributes to the good of humanity. Of course it must serve the interests of its own people, but never at the expense of other populations or their natural resources: this is the new law of human survival.

Australia came in at number 17, behind such countries as New Zealand, Canada, Austria and Ireland. Out of our individual results, our best results was we ranked 9th out of 163 in World Order, and our worst result was we ranked 66th worst in Prosperity and Equality.

At the bottom of the list? Libya.

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Tell us: do you think Australia could do more for its people? What do you suggest?

  1. Newton Hill  

    Sadly, our leadership seems to play envy politics with bad role models who have poor social policies we also adopt. A more modern approach would be a party that took on policies that adopted a view to the demographic that is going to impact in years to come. I think taking the needs of Seniors seriously would be a good approach. Starting a Seniors Party would communicate this to them. Watch this space.

  2. im a carer of two family members 24/7 yet im not recognised as a worker under Australian law and the govt pays me 2.95 an hour yet the Immigration dept says we all have the same rights whether we are born here or not. I and carers like me have no one to fight for our rights no superannuation no nothing.

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