All children have been freed from detention centres in Australia

Australia’s Immigration Minister, Peter Dutton is calling it a national milestone that, for the first time in a decade there

Australia’s Immigration Minister, Peter Dutton is calling it a national milestone that, for the first time in a decade there is no child locked up in an Australian Detention Centre.  Are you impressed to see a result on this highly politicised issue?

The Australian is reporting this morning that the last group of children being held left the Darwin facility on Friday night including a 17 year old, a toddler and a baby.  This leaves approximately 50 children outside Australia on the island of Nauru where conditions are being reported by the government as fair, with the children able to move around the island freely and attend school.

“When I got the call, it was something I was proud of,” Mr Dutton said. “It’s almost been a decade since there were no children in detention — 8000 children went through detention when Labor lost control of our borders.

“This is now one of the most significant achievements of this government.”

Scott Morrison is hailing the achievement on Facebook.

The boats were stopped, the drownings were stopped and now the children are out. We have done what we said we would…

Posted by Scott Morrison MP on Saturday, April 2, 2016

“The boats were stopped, the drownings were stopped and now the children are out.  We have done what we said we would do, we have done it in the way we said we would do it and achieved the outcomes we said we would achieve.”

“Congratulations to everyone involved in the development and implementation of Operation Sovereign Borders and thank you for holding to the task, in the face of all those who tried to prevent us from getting this job done.

“Let’s ensure we never have to do this again.”

Mr Dutton also used the milestone to post a political threat about the Labour Party’s policies on immigration, saying their policies would bring the problem back.

“The reality is there are 14,000-plus people in Indonesia waiting to hop on boats tomorrow and Labor’s support of the Greens policy to have children and their families cycle out of detention in 30 days would see a bonanza for people smugglers bartering with families to get on boats,” Mr Dutton said.

“There’s no doubt in my mind that the 13 of 17 detention centres we have closed would be back in business.”

Is this something you are pleased to see action on?


  1. Maz  

    While this is good news from one angle my thoughts immediately went to who is looking after them? I am ashamed to say I not as up to date on this as I should be so if someone knows the answer I would appreciate an answer .

    • Kathy Getto  

      That was my first question too: Who is looking after the children, when their parents are still locked up?

  2. Also wondering who is looking after them. Obiviously they have deliberately withheld this information from the public.

    Hope they did not release the parents. Children should be placed in foster care. I think the cut off age should be twelve. These are no longer considered children at 17.

    • Anne Wolski  

      I hope the parents have been released with them. These kids have been through enough trauma without being separated from their mums and dads.
      About time we showed a bit of compassion.
      Now we need to show compassion to the people who came out here as little children and are now in detention fighting deportation to a country where they were born but have nobody.
      Australia screwed them up and its our responsibility to rehabilitate them

    • Anne Wolski  

      Also Mary Bateson, they are classed as children until they turn 18

    • Concerned for this commenters older children  

      So you are saying the cut off age should be 12? So that would mean a 13 year old should stand up to their parents boarding a boat and say – “no you go ahead Mum and Dad, I’m just going to stay here in this country all by myself?” Of course they will follow their parents until they are at least 18. Would you want your pre-18 year old fending for themselves in a different country? They have no choice but to go with their parents to detention. They don’t deserve to be their any more than those younger than 12!

  3. Rikda  

    He could have been humble about it.
    Peter Dutton could have explained the process, their destinations & their health & welfare.
    Spread a bit of bipartisan humanitarian normalcy
    But no. It’s just not this governments way.
    They politicized it to the max.
    Morrison not wanting Dutton to get all the ink, had to remind us he needs love too.
    “We stopped the boats” That’s the big announcement here.
    They also did everything they possibly could to abort every attempt that Labor made to stem the flow, then they pulled out all the stops.
    Then again, given that everything else they have come up with has either back flipped or failed, the crowing is understandable I suppose.

    • Peter Warren  

      Rikda, if you honestly believe that the Labor party would not have behaved in exactly the same way if they had achieved this goal, then I’ve got a great bridge to sell you….😳😆

  4. Anne  

    But not from Australian-funded hell holes on Nauru and Manus.

    • David  

      These “Hell holes ” are a damm lot better than the hell holes they came from. What would you suggest would be a suitable number of refugees we should let into our country 1 mill , 10 mill, 100 mill. These people who have tried to come through the back door to enter our country have to be shown that they cannot just enter
      by paying people smugglers while the legitimate without this money languish in their hell.

  5. Robinoz  

    Provided the children are with their parents, are well cared for, educated, fed etc, it doesn’t matter where they are.

  6. Shirley  

    Bad move, great for the kids but now the Govt will weaken and let the parents out and then the word will get out and we will again inundated with refugees (if in fact they are refugees) and they will all bring a kid or two expecting an easy way in.

  7. Linda McMaster  

    At last something positive this government has done for the “little” people.

  8. Susan Bell  

    This is all a lie, they have not released them, they are still being held in detention but the name has been changed from detention to” community centres”, do not ever trust this government .

  9. betsy jury  

    Would love to hear the truth on this not the spin. Are these children in Community Centres, Have we as a race of humans treated these people with how we would like to be treated if in reverse. The majority of people will only be seeking a better life, those against a few who will want to course trouble. What will happen if we treated these people with love and respect so their future children will remember the good happening to them in Australia as a fair helpful country. We are all New to Australia and New Zealand in history –do we have the right to say NO to someone else. Yes its easy to say –but the law, when your so desperate the law make an ass of the people who made it really—try Kindness. To kill of the enemy is easy show them love and compassion, caring. One day you may be this person Thing about that….Or perhaps Do to others as you would like to be treated.Its hard to judge the truth here on all sides…

  10. Tash  

    The government has released no one. They have simply reclassified sections of detention centres as “community detention” in order to be able to claim that all children have been released from immigration detention. George Orwell would be proud.

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