Aldi not allowed sell these products because they are “too cheap and will cause health problems”

For those who have been anticipating Aldi’s low priced wines, there might be a problem. Apparently, Aldi’s plans to expand

For those who have been anticipating Aldi’s low priced wines, there might be a problem.

Apparently, Aldi’s plans to expand its alcohol sales has hit a stumbling block when its application to sell wine, beer, spirits and ciders in-store was denied, reports Daily Mail.

Western Australia’s Liquor Authority rejected Aldi’s liquor license application for its Harrisdale store, in Perth’s south-east, saying that it might harm the community’s health because the prices are too cheap.

It is not known whether this will affect other licence applications in other areas and states.

However, in the same ruling, the Liquor Authority said yes to Woolworths, granting the right to open up one of its BWS bottle shops at the same shopping centre.

The Director of Liquor Licensing’s delegate Peter Minchin said it was not in the public’s interest or necessary for two outlets selling alcohol to open at the new Harrisdale Shopping Centre.

He also cited the Executive Director of Public Health’s objection to Aldi’s application.

The EDPH said there was a strong relationship linking price, consumption and harm in the community.
“ALDI also proposes to offer a range of very cheap liquor… and packaged liquor sales are linked to alcohol-related harm and ill-health,” said the EDPH.

“Research indicates that limiting the sale of alcohol from within supermarkets is an important harm minimisation strategy.”

Mr Minchin agreed with the EDPH’s assessment of the situation.
“A large percentage of ALDI liquor products are at the lower end of the price scale,” he said.
“[For example], 22 wine varieties are listed at a price below $5.00 a bottle, with three priced at $2.79 and 48 per cent of wine products are priced at less than $10.00 a bottle.

“In comparing the risks associated with each application, the ALDI application poses a greater risk from a broad public health perspective.”

An Aldi spokeswoman said they want to give their shoppers the best value for their liquor and were responsible when it came to the sale of alcohol.

“We are consistently looking at market trends and innovations to ensure our products are in line with consumer demand and preference, and we are committed to ensuring that our wine and beer products offer high value at their respective price points,” she said to Daily Mail Australia.

“As a responsible and experienced retailer, ALDI observes all regulations for the purchase of alcohol. We partner with DrinkWise Australia as part of this commitment.

“Unlike other supermarkets that sell alcohol, we do not have separate, large format stores and our stores do not carry any chilled alcohol products for immediate consumption.

“Our range is limited to a delineated area within store, approximately one quarter of the size of a standard bottle shop.

“This means alcohol purchases must be made during the limited opening hours of the store and customers must enter a supermarket environment to purchase liquor.”

Some customers are disappointed with the decision as they say that it is the responsibility of the consumers to monitor their own drinking habits. However, Western Australia Police and the McCusker Centre For Action On Alcohol And Youth also objected to Aldi’s application.

However, no one objected to Woolworths’ application to open a BWS.

Do you think it’s fair that Aldi is stopped from selling their product while other supermarkets are allowed to do the same thing? How does this news make you feel?

  1. veronica cheeseman  

    Doesn’t make much sense to me……other than Woolworths won again! I’ve really gone off them and I now shop at Aldi/Coles

    • Veronica Cheeseman, I totally agree with you. the cheap wine bit is rubbish. However I would rather an alcoholic bought cheap wine from Aldi that drink Metho. !!!

    • Veronica Cheeseman, I totally agree with you. the cheap wine bit is rubbish. However I would rather an alcoholic bought cheap wine from Aldi that drink Metho. !!!

    • Rachel Rush  

      It exactly what Cokes want you to do, Cokes have helped bring down Masters now they are going for the Food captain,

  2. Obviously Woolworths are paying the WA gov. a lot of money to allow their own stores to sell alcohol but block Aldi.

  3. I think its time Aldi started donating to the relevant political party

    • Chris Wills  

      It’s pretty sad when that’s seen as any chance of a viable option, but I know what you mean.

  4. Lynn Ross  

    Why is it good enough for woolworths and the rest of the world to sell alcohol in there supermarkets and NOT ALDI .wake up WA and move with the rest of the country and world stop been backward

  5. Frank  

    thought about my local Aldi’s specials on Italian red wine yesterday for $7-12 – about $1-2 per standard drink (10ml ethanol) but then I haven’t quite finished the box of red I bought from them before – hmm – forgot the cost but if $12 / 39 std.drks then 30 cents/standard drink

    or – I’m happy with my home brew beer – which costs me about 16-25 cents per stubbie/standard drink

  6. Robyn Jefferson  

    Someone is in someone’s pocket. How typical of WA. Always behind the times. Makes me sick. I will always prefer Aldi. Just as well I am a teetotaller.

  7. Khris  

    Is it fair….NO!!!!
    Does it make sense….NO!!!!
    Actually shows the EDHP is rather hypocritical, and/or getting a payoff somewhere along the line.
    But then again that is bureaucrats for you!

  8. Brian Lee  

    I think it’s the powers that be, (in this instant Woolworths and Coles), using their power to try and stop Aldi in their tracks – I hope they fail! This is very similar to what happened to Pauline Hanson, on her first foray into politics – she gave the big boys such a fright that they did everything they could to get rid of her, even managing to get her jailed on some trumped charge. I just hope Aldi can fight back, as Pauline is doing now!

    • isabel  

      I agree with you Brian Lee always the big honchos trying to squash the competition

  9. What absolute nonsense! Aldi has lower prices than anyone else because of their methods of cutting out double/triple handling of products, their set up in transport and delivery of goods necessitating fewer employees to handle and set up shelves. This does NOT mean that their wine products are of lesser quality than anyone else’s.

    Woolworths and Coles are obviously in someone’s pocket in WA. Complaints should be made to the management of the complex as well as the local pollie and Fair Trading. Cause as much of a fuss as you can, shoppers! Something will have to “give” eventually!

  10. Loz  

    Seems to be some backhanded payments being done here. It does not matter how much it costs, alcohol will always be a problem in some areas.

  11. Brian Lee. Trying to compare this to Hanson is a long shot.She was exposed as a know nothing drama queen & rightly so.

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