Aldi loves its older shoppers

German supermarket Aldi has listened to the frustrations of its older customers, and refused to install self-serve checkouts. Aldi will

German supermarket Aldi has listened to the frustrations of its older customers, and refused to install self-serve checkouts. Aldi will continue using personal check-out operators only.

There are plans to open another 80 Aldi stores throughout Australia, during 2016 alone! Leaving out those pesky self-serve checkouts is bound to be a big winner amongst shoppers.

“Aldi’s checkouts operate with industry-leading efficiency”, a spokesman explained. “We have no plans to implement self-service checkouts at any of our stores”.

“Feedback has told us that our shoppers prefer face-to-face interactions at registers”, the Aldi spokesman added. “Checkout wait times are an important part of their in-store experience”.

Aldi has reviewed feedback from its current stores, which number nearly 400 throughout Australia. The supermarket has paid particular attention to its older shoppers.

According to retail expert Stephen Kulmar, “extended shops” are made particularly difficult for older shoppers if they are forced to use self-serve checkouts.

“For an extended shop it’s hard. I think if you are only in there for a few items, (self-serve) is a brilliant idea but beyond that it’s a problem”, Mr Kulmar added.

In contrast, Coles and Woolworths has progressively installed self-serve checkouts since 2009. This policy has left older shoppers increasingly frustrated.

As one Starts At Sixty reader previously said, “I refuse to use (self-serve checkouts). They are only there to save the supermarket money by not employing assistants”.

Are you pleased that Aldi has taken your feedback on board? Do you like or dislike self-serve checkouts?

  1. I agree and will not use self-serve check-outs on principle.

    • BAZZ  

      I like the new store in nth richmond .its big &uncluttered great range &for me a man at Bazz64 its ideal .self serve ??you would have to offer me more than a 4cent petrol docket c to get me to use one .

    • i refuse to use self serve check.outs why take away more jobs and create more unemployment , give me face to face customer service any day ..

  2. I’m in my late sixties & only use self serve checkouts it I have a couple of items.( that’s if I’m shopping at Coles) Too confusing otherwise particularly with fruit & veg. I prefer to be served by someone & I think it’s great that Aldi provide seating for their checkout staff.

  3. I only shop were there is check out opperaters. Im not doing someone else’s job.

    • Net  

      Here in the UK all check outs have seats. In food shops any way, clothing and pet shops sometimes do aswell.

  4. Juan Otormin  

    I never use the self serviced counters.
    where posible i try to keep people employed, I spend good money shopping and want to have a say where it should go.

  5. Innes Heritage  

    I would rather wait a few more minutes and get served face to face rather than go through a self serve counter, and have said this to staff at Coles ad Woolies who direct me to a self serve outlet. Being a checkout operator may not be considered a top end job by some, but there are unemployed people out there who would love to get one of these jobs. Good on Aldi. Pity they don’t have a supermarket in our town, and pity Coles and Woolies don’t listen to their shoppers more.

  6. I don’t shop at Aldi as there is not a shop near my house so I can’t comment on it, but I will not use the automatic checkouts at other stores.
    I don’t see why I have to do all the work when I have paid for my goods, in a few years there won’t be a checkout operator in sight.

  7. Marilyn  

    I always use the self service check out if I only have a few items. Much quicker

  8. Jean Fernihough  

    I don’t mind the self service and I am 80, better than waiting in a queue.If you need help they help you.

  9. Bev  

    Be good if they had a 12 items or less checkout though.

  10. Neil Coates  

    We use Aldi each fortnight for our major shop, we actually travel to the next suburb which is our closest Aldi. I would never use a self service checkout if Aldi had them as this shop is just so big. Also I am of an age where I love good, friendly customer service. Congratulations Aldi for listening to your older customers.

    Also I find it frustrating for my youngest son, who has found it so hard to gain a casual job at our local Coles and Woolworth’s supermarkets in our area. I blame the self service check outs in part for the lack of positions available for young people in our area. I just refuse to use them.

  11. John Elston  

    It is much nicer to talk to an assistant- Aldi have the right idea.

  12. Deb  

    If Aldi are concerned about elderly perhaps they should consider checkout operators packing groceries in bags. It’s pretty quick and easy. I would think it would be difficult for some elderly to do in a hurry.

    • Joyce Pfeiffer  

      Good point! What I don’t like about Aldi is try charge customers to use credit cards! I find it hard to understand it very few small business do this!

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