Aldi customers are livid at the supermarket giant

Aldi customers are threatening to leave the supermarket behind after the grocery giant was exposed over its use of caged

Aldi customers are threatening to leave the supermarket behind after the grocery giant was exposed over its use of caged eggs.

The supermarket has been the target of a huge social media campaign demanding the company stop selling caged eggs to customers and make the switch to free range.

The backlash follows the release of a confronting video, showing the living conditions and treatment of the hens who lay the eggs Aldi sells.

Angry customers have bombarded Aldi’s Facebook page saying they refuse to shop there again unless Aldi makes the swap to free-range eggs.

Paul Crossley posted: “Just saw the Animals Australia video on ALDI eggs. This cruelty is appalling. ALDI needs to lift it’s (sic) game immediately.”

Anne Serato posted: “Hi ALDI, time to move away from caged eggs & pledge to swapping to free range. Our family won’t be shopping with you until we see this change, like we’ve seen in the other supermarket chains.”

Susan Richter Flannery Haebig posted: “I am boycotting ALDI’s altogether until they commit to humane treatment of hens and ask my friends to do the same. There are many alternatives to shopping at ALDI’s.”

The page was flooded with hundreds of comments, with customers calling on their friends and family to boycott the supermarket too.

Marilyn Sears posted: “Using caged hens is a disgrace and a blight on your establishment. We like your shop but hate the way you are allowing hens to be treated too badly.”

Diane Sproule-Carroll said: “I have been an Aldi shopper for many years, but have not, and would not buy caged eggs! Please stop them being an option!”

The video which sparked the protest shows people’s reactions as they watch confronting footage of the caged hen’s living conditions, with many overcome with emotion.

Many are left shocked and angry, while others extremely distressed by what they’ve seen.

The video has so far been viewed over 172,000 times.

There are calls for the company to join Coles who have already removed caged eggs from their shelves and reduced the price of free-range eggs.

Others though, have been more forgiving of the budget-friendly supermarket saying, if it’s ok for Aldi stores overseas to sell caged eggs, it should be ok for stores here to do the same.

Where do you stand on this issue?

Do you buy caged or free-range eggs? Would you stop shopping at Aldi because of this issue?

  1. Ruby  

    I always buy my free range eggs at Aldi in Wangaratta. Albury or Wodonga Also have bought them in Melbourne at Central West. Is this some sort of campaign by the so called BIG two to put a slur on Aldi. They also sell caged eggs but then so do Woolworths, Coles & IGA. Please try and get your facts correct Starts at Sixty!!

    • Sandy Williams  

      Ruby I am beginning to realize that starts at sixty is becoming just another sensationalist media. Anything to grab attention. The answer is simple don’t buy caged eggs if you don’t like the way they are produced. If we all did this then none of the chains would sell caged eggs as there would be no market for them.

    • Glenda  

      Well said! and l agree all other major supermarkets sell caged and free range why pick on Aldi?

    • John Cahill  

      That was my first thought too Ruby! My suspicions almost make me want to support Aldi. I reckon Aldi (or any company) can reason with customers over prices… e.g., we want to do the right thing by chooks, just understand that free range eggs cost a little more. If the information is not ‘spin’ and is convincing because it is regular dialogue with customers… not just price cut cons but honest dialogue, we can cope. After all, the customers are the real share holders and the real policy makers. We are the power. So Aldi, up the communication. There was another story nailing Aldi. I’ll bet they want to do it right!

    • Brian Lee  

      I’m also very suspicious of the massive campaign against Cadbury’s for selling Halal chocolate. I’ve carefully examined every bar of chocolate I’ve bought, and made by them in the last eight months, and NOT ONE of them had any Halal logo on it!

    • Dee  

      Let them Boycott, who really cares makes it easier for others to shop, not so busy. Do you really think they will Boycott, I doubt it, they save too much money shopping at Alsi. They will just buy their eggs elsewhere. Some people are just talk. Some people have nothing else to do but complain.

    • Raewyn  

      Agree woolies and all other supermarket sell caged eggs

    • Carlos  

      How the Hell Does ANYONE know if Free Range Eggs are in Fact FREE RANGE EGGS ? In todays Society with Lies and Deceit in just near every Business , how do You Know If It Is Legit” or not ??

    • Margaret Curphy  

      Why target Aldi, every other big supermarket sells caged eggs as well as free range, the buyers have the choice so why blame just one supermarket. The conditions for the chickens of caged eggs are exactly the same no matter which supermarket you buy them from. Stop targeting just one supermarket when they all do the same…Thought you were better than that

    • Wendy  

      I have paid for many items over the years from Coles and Woolworths, all before their use by date, e.g. ham, cheese, biscuits, eggs, fruit, canned products, even potato crisps and there has been problems with all these products at one time or another, sometimes more than once with some items. It was not difficult to exchange all of them by taking them back to the store or ringing the manufacturer, who was more than happy to send a gift voucher which more than compensated for product and trouble. I think that today many of us have become lazy and a little too eager to blame someone else all the time. I remember my grand-parents and my mother, making their own cream, cheese, baking cake and biscuits and growing vegetables and having our own chickens. Many times there would be a rotten egg, tomatoes or blemished fruit and sometimes the cake or scones became stale, however we wasted little. Everything is too convenient today and too many are never satisfied.

    • S. Tydeman  

      I was thinking of approaching management at the local Aldi about this, now I will. I never buy cage eggs, apart from anything else they taste disgusting and are full of additives. Imagine feeding a cage egg to a baby. UGH.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Katharina Smith  

      I also always buy my free range eggs from Aldi. If people didn’t choose to buy cage eggs, they wouldn’t need to sell it, but so many people don’t realise that eating eggs from chickens that have been treated with cruelty won’t be good for them – the energy of how the chickens are feeling is passed into the eggs. People need to stop buying caged eggs because of how these chickens are kept, so it is the fault of the customers as much as it is the store, and I have seen caged eggs in all the supermarkets – why is Aldi singled out?

  2. Magi  

    I went to the new store which opened in my area, checked the use by dates on every thing I buy, so I was surprised when my ham had mould on it when i opened it, my cheese also had fungus all not up to their use by date. I only went to the store twice and now back to my old IGA, I cannot see any point in buy cheap to throw it out when you go to eat it.

    • Fran Matlock  

      Exactly, I think that Aldi is highly over rated.
      Far prefer my local friendly, helpful, clean local IGA, especially for fresh, same for fruit and vegetables

      • b  

        iga is so over priced , ii once bought some chicken nuggets from coles which had a spring from a biro in it ,

    • [email protected]  

      I’m sure you’ve either made this up, or are acting for a third party. Anyone this had happened to would surely have taken it further whereas your comment seems to indicate you have shrugged it off. Assuming it did happen, how can any business attempt to change something they are not aware of?

  3. Sue  

    Luckily I’ve my own chooks. They say free range isn’t all made up that supposedly to be. Free range is running free to me. A lot of other supermarkets I bet still sell the eggs that are unpopular.

  4. Aldi sell both caged & free range your choice don’t buy them if you feel that way

    • Rosemary  

      Your choice of caged eggs inflicts a short and painful life on chickens. Personally, I do not buy eggs as none of them are really ethical.

    • Leon Bell  

      Like is said, you have a choice! I have always bought Free Range from Aldi and will continue to do so. Simple way to be heard, don’t buy caged eggs from Aldi, only Free Range. They’ll soon get the message when they have to throw the caged ones out!

  5. Peter Warren  

    Demanding free range eggs is fine, but how many of those demanding them are prepared to pay a premium price for them due to the increased production costs?. It is reported that Coles have removed caged eggs and have decreased the price of their free range eggs. Coles will NOT be reducing their own margins, so the poor old farmer takes yet another hit. It would be interesting to have SAS conduct a poll to see how many consumers would be prepared to pay more than current for their eggs to get them free range, and how many would like to see caged eggs as a purchase option to reduce the cost of their shopping.

  6. Valerie Collins  

    I believe that the Australian Government should absolutely ban the sale of Caged Eggs – then every supermarket will not be allowed to sell them. If there are customers out there who are not happy with the higher price of free range eggs – then to find the extra cost – try cutting down on comfort foods for yourselves – chocolate – ice cream – soft drinks – body and beauty products . Try and imagine your life as a caged hen – maybe compassion will kick in .

    • Granny Williams  

      Well said Valerie. Agree with you 1000/0

  7. Sandi  

    Did none of you read the expose on supposed ” free range ” eggs last week! Eggs have been labeled caged and free range for a while now so if you don’t like how caged chickens are treated then you just don’t buy cage laid eggs! I and many others, thought we were being ethical by only buying “free range”. Now we find out that there are different grades of free range!
    That’s what people should be angry about. The fact that we have been kept in the dark about how “free range” is qualified is disgusting.

    • Janet iffinger  

      Sandi. I Couldn’t agree more. I will not be buying the 10000 birds per hectare eggs again.
      I believe our local Woolworths sells free range from farms where there are many less birds per hectare.Rockhampton does not have Aldi.

      • Trish  

        Buy local if possible. I buy my eggs from a local amish market. they are grass fed in season and run about the farm like chickens are supposed too do. Local is the only way to be 100% sure you really are getting cage free. Plus they taste so much better. Creamy bright orange yolks. So good! And $3.49 a dozen. Comparable in price to that inhumane nonsense they sell in grocery stores.

  8. I wouldn’t be surprised if Woolies and Coles are behind this story. I have no doubt that many of the eggs on their shelves come from caged birds also.

    • Woollies and Coles only stock free range now — I agree with the above to ban the sale in general of eggs from caged hens . Then there would only be free range and the poor hens would have a better life

      • Christine Simonsen  

        Bought caged eggs at Coles this week like every week

  9. I wish we had an Aldi store in the Northern Territory! How lucky are people to have a choice of where to shop. We have 2 choices here Coles or Woolworths. Territorians are obviously not worthy. As for eggs make your own choice. I am sick of everybody wanting the government to do everything so we have no freedom of choice.

  10. I wish we had an Aldi store in the Northern Territory! How lucky are people to have a choice of where to shop. We have 2 choices here Coles or Woolworths. Territorians are obviously not worthy. As for eggs make your own choice. I am sick of everybody wanting the government to do everything so we have no freedom of choice.

  11. michael cantrell  

    free range eggs are a myth. unless you raise your own chooks

  12. Kat Mann  

    Goodness going on about free range eggs to me is just the tip of this plucky situation. I only buy free range, each to there own! What about the chicken we consume without a thought to the process! Poor bugga’s from baby chick to plate is just over a 6 weeks process. chickens by 1000’s placed into sheds lights on most of the night, they eat, drink eat! water being the nasty here! Forced feeding to fatten them up in 6 wks.

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