Alan Jones rips into Scott Morrison over “betrayal of public trust”

A lot of people over the years have caught the ire of veteran broadcaster Alan Jones. This time, he has

A lot of people over the years have caught the ire of veteran broadcaster Alan Jones. This time, he has set his sights on the Turnbull Government and more importantly Treasurer Scott Morrison for the “utter betrayal of public trust” when it comes to the foreign land ownership register.

Alan has long supported the idea of Australian farms being kept with Australian owners and didn’t waste any time in attacking the Federal Government over the details of the long-awaited register as they are set to be released to the public.

The register shows that Britain, the US, and the Netherlands are the three biggest foreign investors in Australian farming land. China, who is the centre of the foreign investor claims, is fifth on the list with 1.46 million hectares of farming land.

While the government believes they are keeping up with their 2013 promise of “transparency in Australian agriculture” Jones believes it’s nothing more than another broken promise from the Coalition.

On his radio show, Alan stated “We were promised a national agricultural land register,” before adding “All we’ve got is a travesty.” Alan continued “…And we’re told that this will show we’ve got nothing to worry about because foreigners only own 13. 6 per cent of agricultural land and Chinese outfits own less than 1 per cent of farmland.

“Now if Scott Morrison and the government believe that this sort of bland whitewash will satisfy public concerns then they are kidding themselves.

“The register doesn’t even begin to deliver what was promised and what was promised was we would be able to identify who owns what – it only provides an overview and a data trend about overall levels of foreign ownership.”

While a spokesperson for the Treasure assured everyone that the government met its commitment and that the “Greens and the Labor Party supported the passage of this bill through the Parliament and the consultation paper recognised that there are privacy and commercial issues which limit the information that would be made public”. Alan believes otherwise.

“Agricultural Minister Barnaby Joyce assured Parliament in September last year the register would be like a map, quote ‘… to see who owns what’ – Barnaby Joyce’s words,” Jones said.

“What you are being told today is an utter betrayal of public trust. Scott Morrison, you are again on notice – what are you trying to hide?”

Do you believe that the Government is trying to hide something? Or is this a case of Alan rallying the audiences against the government?

  1. Bruce Taylor  

    Once again we are being lied to. I thought this would end when Abbot went but not so.
    We are selling out our real estate and anything industrial or agricultural that makes a profit to foreigners. The way we are going Australians will own nothing and we will be aliens in our own country.
    Also think it is really queer when Arnots advertisements try to make out they are Australian when they are now owned by Americans.
    I think the Australian public deserve to know EXACTLY what products and suppliers are owned by overseas interests. We should have the right to choose whether we buy Australian or foreign products and services.

    • Pamela Maddock  

      We have been sold to the highest bidder.
      Our farmers are a dying race because of all the Foriegn owners.
      Why did we bother fighting a War or two should have hust said here take Sir.
      So many people would not have died on foriegn shores.
      All Governments are equally to blame

  2. rikda  

    “13.6% of agricultural land” That’s prolly only about the size of Poland. Nothing to see here.
    Traitors. trying to find money to run the country after Howards fore sale of all our earners.

    • John  

      Well have a think about how much land in Australia is actually agricultural land!!

  3. I’d like to know where the UK & US companies originate! Bet you they are Chinese controlled. I heard the other day, a Chinese company owns 168,000 hectares in the Temora region and apparently all the produce (beef and lamb) is going back to China. The point being they are apparently hiding behind a company!

  4. Jeff Fisher  

    Morrison is very dangerous

  5. Ted Turner  

    They have not changed Lies Lies and More Lies. Governments today around the world are so far removed from real people.
    through this mob out, wait they will not last passed xmas

  6. Newton Hill  

    I think the real injustice is that the older people who have wisdom and hindsight keep voting for this party. No folks, they won’t be different this time. Its the Politics Game and unless you vote for someone who is prepared to change things then you will get someone who wants to keep it the way it has always been. The choice of Parties is greater than ever before and yet people still want more of the same it seems.

  7. Andrea Taylor  

    Don’t worry the same thing is going on over here in New Zealand!!!!!!

  8. Rosemary  

    Of course it would be our most lucrative and best producing farms. They wouldn’t be buying the drought ridden farms in Hay where farmers have walked off the land. It is really disgusting. Also the prime real estate along the foreshores and in wealthy suburbs are being brought by foreign investments. We should not be selling any real estate to foreigners.

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