Alan Jones opens about his agonising health struggles

Alan Jones has described the "massive" pain he experienced after recent surgeries on his arm and back.
Alan Jones has opened up about his recent health issues and surgeries. Source: YouTube

Whether you like Alan Jones or you loathe him, you’re sure to feel some sympathy for his ongoing health issues.

In recent months he has had several surgeries for complications with his back and one of his arms, forcing him off the air.

But in an interview on the radio this morning, Jones opened up about the “massive” pain he felt after one of his surgeries.

If you’ve ever had a major surgery, then no doubt you’ll be able to relate to the pain Jones described.

He told Ray Hadley that he latest operation was on Friday and that he was delaying his return to the radio again.

The 75-year-old broadcaster revealed that after a 14 hour operation his right arm became “in a nerve sense, severed from the body”.

“This became dysfunctional, my right arm with what I call amputational pain,” he said.

“You felt like saying to someone, ‘Just take my arm off.’”

Jones also told Hadley about the time he called on his doctor in the early morning and begged for some pain relief.

“I texted the poor doc at 4am,” he said.

“He said you better come in straight away.”

Jones revealed he had to have injections in his neck and joked about having to present his “backside” for morphine injections every few hours.

He’s currently recovering from his recent surgeries at St Vincent’s and told Hadley his doctor ordered him to stay still while the wounds heal.

As we get older, surgeries become less avoidable and many have probably experienced similar pain to what Jones describes.

Have you ever experienced the sort of pain Alan Jones described?

  1. Marcellus Calleja  

    Obviously he never suffered from a strangulated gut or an infection on his bowels after surgery. Some don’t talk about it because we are not in the public eye and do not need any sympathy.

  2. glenisGlenis  

    Hurry and get well Alan ,,,you are missed xx

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