Aged care worker could be labelled a sex offender over “lewd” photos

It seems these days we hear all too often stories about wrongdoing by some aged care workers. Now, there’s been

It seems these days we hear all too often stories about wrongdoing by some aged care workers.

Now, there’s been another case, and this time it revolves around a man who took ‘lewd’ photos of himself with naked residents.

The ABC reports the Magistrate’s Court in Hobart was told Matthew Pettit took photos of female patients in various stages of undress and also took lewd photos of himself next to residents.

The specific details of the photos have not been reported by the ABC as they are said to be “extremely graphic”.

In fact, the phone the photos were take on should be destroyed, the prosecution has argued.

Pettit has admitted to taking the photos, with the prosecution calling for him to be registered as a sex offender.

So, what’s his defence?

Well, his lawyer claims he was going through a “difficult period” in his relationship, drinking excessively and suffering from stress.

The lawyer said Pettit “had not considered” the indignity he subjected his victims to.

Meanwhile, Magistrate Glenn Hay said it could be inferred the women involved were either “unaware of Pettit’s activities or unable to stop him”.

It also was revealed a staff member was sent one of the photos by Pettit by did nothing about if for two months.

It wasn’t until she told another colleague that management was informed.

Pettit was eventually stood down while an investigation was undertaken and did not return to the aged care facility, the ABC reports.

We won’t know Pettit’s fate until February, when he’s expected to be sentenced.

Magistrate Hay adjourned the sentencing so Pettit could be accessed to see if he’s suitable for community service or probation.

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  1. What sort of a pervert, does this to the patients he is supposed to be caring for. Also, how the hell did he get into a job like this in the first place. The requirements for getting a job as a carer in a home, definitely have to be more stringent, too many incidents of this kind are happening and it has to stop. Families pay enough to have the family members looked after safely, not for this to happen.

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