Aged care home that “tortured” 89-year-old has shock audit

If any facility meant to provide services to care for people isn’t performing to the best of its ability, you

If any facility meant to provide services to care for people isn’t performing to the best of its ability, you hope for action against it, or that the wrongs be rectified.

Sadly, for Noleen Hausler and her father,justice seems to have failed them, as she revealed that she is ‘disgusted’ the centre has earned full marks on a federal audit.

Last month, it was reported that Noleen had decided to install a camera in her father Clarence’s room at Mitcham Residential Care in Kingswood, Adelaide to “confirm her suspicions” he was being mistreated.

The disturbing footage showed carer Corey Lyle Lucas, who appeared to force feed Clarence violently, eat Clarence’s food, sneeze on him, flick his nose and held him down when Clarence fought back. The video also showed Corey apparently trying to suffocate Clarence with a napkin.

The centre has since had its accreditation extended for two years after scoring 44 out of 44 on a review by the Australian Aged Care Quality Agency,The Advertiser reported.

The review stated the staff development, education, leadership and specialised nursing care standards were all met.

Since the video emerged of her father’s mistreatment Ms Hausler has been campaigning to allow concerned families the right to legally install cameras at aged care facilities.

Her petition has more than 42,500 signatures.

“Dad’s now 90, he doesn’t have that much time left and we need action now, not more paperwork,” she said.

A spokesperson from Mitcham Residential Care said they were “shocked” to hear about the incident and said it was a “rogue” act.

“As soon as we became aware of the incident, the individual was immediately suspended and we have assisted with the police investigation which has since led to a conviction,” the spokesperson said.

Ms Hausler said her father moved into the facility in 2002 and received fantastic care before it was taken over by a subsidiary of Japara Healthcare.

‘They were cutting costs so the less expensive options was what was going to be available,’ she said.

According to its website, Mitcham Residential Care provides patients with 24-hour registered nursing care from “caring, committed and compassionate staff”.

What do you think about the results of this audit? Do you think the facility deserves a second chance, or should it have faced harsher consequences?

  1. Dianne Evans  

    If we allow poor staffing because they are only money making concerns it will happen a lot even the good homes are working staff too the max and care goes out the window then.

    • Jannette Naiken  

      Absolutely correct. I have worked in Care Facilities when the care was far more scrutinized and Carers were properly trained. Sadly today it has become a Mickey Mouse Course that anyone one can pass even those who can varely read and write. The standards have dropped because many staff are in too big a hurry to get the work done so they can hide in rooms and chat also get to their mobile phones. Yes, mobile phones!!!!

      My partner has been in a Care Facility for 10 years now and even the Doctor is negligent! The Doctor has two letters and Care Facility has one note clearly stating that no prescriptions are to be written out and filled until Doctor has consulted with me first. Just recently i received the Pharmacy bill of nearly $200 for the month as scripts were filled for over the counter drugs that contraindicated and put him into Hospital. This is another area of negligence that is quite often over looked. As i am quite familiar with the Standards and Procedures i guess i can challenge them on this but those that don’t suffer in a huge way.
      I am lad i am his P of A as this helps him to be treated a little more carefully from here on. Two years ago one Doctors left him to die for nine days till i came back on an emergency flight. Left with only 1 litre of Saline intraveniously a day plus no medications. This situation was dealt with through Advocare and a huge meeting with me clearly stating that i will order aln Autopsy when he passes to ensure he died of natural causes which is his wishes with no Doctor intervention.
      This goes on all the time and quite frankly people are brothers, sisters, mums, dads, aunties, uncles, grandfathers and grandmothers. They are a oart of a family so no one has the right to harm any vulnerable individual no matter where they are. Lets open the pandoras box and deal with this country wide.
      Yes, only cameras xan track what really goes on especially inside the residents rooms. These Facilities need to be far more transparent.

  2. Janet  

    I agree with installing cameras rooms for family’s peace of mind.
    The centre has taken action and the accused has been convicted. You really can’t ask for more than that.
    We as a nation need to speak out about any injustice. It is only then that action will be taken.

    • Manfred Ihms  

      What about the buck stops here. I think you can ask for a lot more. Place should be closed down

  3. Diann  

    In NZ they are told they are having an audit……. They should have surprise ones!!

    • In Australia the accreditation agency can do surprise visits and do. Where I work there is a 3 year accreditation due in October but they are expecting a surprise visit any time now

  4. Noelene Davey  

    My mother is in Aged Care she has Dementia but we could not be more happy with it, I spent the first 14 months going in every day and got to know all the staff and got involved with the activities with Mum,, she loves the place, we had one incident with a male going into shower her and mum went mad over that sister spoke to them and that was noted that mum is not to have a male go into her room. We needed to make sure mums Dignity was upheld and they respected our wishes. But i tell you if we found anything we didnt like as in mistreatment she would be out of there in a flash and they would wish they had never let it happen once i finish with them. I am so pleased Noelene did what she did to protect her father.

  5. Rosemary Iloste  

    An Audit only looks at certain areas. I asked to contribute to the last Audit at the Aged Care facility where my parents are. The Auditor had her questions that she wanted me to answer and was not interested in anything outside those questions.
    An Audit is meant to be a way of looking for areas to improve but if you don’t get to put forward those areas then things will stay the same as they are.

  6. Marg Just  

    When I pass nursing homes I shudder & a very real fear passes through me! I know that there are some really nice ones around…but from a sad personal experience, I know that even some of the good ones have a lot to answer for!!!

  7. The nursing home my mother is in knew of the audit well in advance which I don’t think is really an audit. It gives them time to make quick fixes which then fall off after the audit. Also 24 hour RN care just means either one RN on duty for the whole facility or sometimes just in call for emergencies.

  8. John  

    The standdards are met by following the script! The process varies with assessors who must follow a process that sets the script. As long as the paperwork is complete and provides a trail to lead to a met outcome. Staff are prepared through instruction provided by the organisation how to answer questions and what to say to assessors. All sorts of tricks are played an the game is followed to meet stadards and outcomes. The outcomes in no way will conclude that the care given does not match “compliance” Aged care will always have issues when profit is involved. There is no such thing as not for profit. This will continue the uce of unqualified anduntrained staff. Lack of registration and accountability will always result in substandard care . The reduction in the use of registered carers, ie Registered Nurses, will lead to further poor care and possibly abuse, weather by default or deliberate.

  9. Lucy Dix  

    And I’m looking at going into one,how do I find a good one in my area?Ive been told that as a Centrelink pensioner I can be sent anywhere if I apply to the one I want!

  10. Heather Farmer  

    There are no such things as “surprise” audits – the facility would have been given plenty of notice to get their affairs in order. Its disappointing that the criteria set out for the audit does not address the areas of Duty of Care, Compassion, etc. etc. This facility should have been audited immediately concerns were raised – with no time to “doctor the books”. What a joke.

    • Sue  

      They are called unannounced audits, you know you will get at least one of them each year, you don’t know when or what they will look at until the Accreditation Team walks in the door. The premise behind them is that the same standards of care and service apply every day of the year. Aged Care Facilities also get announced visits with notice, but you also don’t know what they will look at until the day

    • Naomi  

      Hi Lucy, you can find on the internet and Age Directory which will help with some information, from there you can look up some of the facilitys information close to you. Depending on the level of care you require which will range from low care (where you can still do some thing for you self but might need some help) to High care ( where full assistance from staff is required) this will show up on an ACAT assesment which they do. Most Facilitys have open days usually by appointment were you can go in have a tour ask questions and get information to help you make your choice. Most residents are centerlink pensioners it comes down to beds being available and care required. Best thing is to pick 3 places you like and try for them you might have to look at respite some where for a short time if your not home until a bed becomes available in the area your looking in. Hope this helps.

  11. Libby  

    An audit is a waste of time it’s all about paper work not reall about the residents and the care staff. The staff are told what to say and if they say the wrong thing they pay the consequences later maybe lose their jobs. The carers are understaffed and only have a limited time to get everybody up. It’s not the easiest job I do not condone abuse towards residents and if I saw it I would certainly report. I use to work as a carer and I am glad I don’t now when I did it we did have more staff but things have changed they put it down to ageing in place what a joke.
    It will always be about the paper work but paper is not human

  12. isabel baker  

    Auditing is always about having the paperwork in order not about what is actually happening on the ground Auditing should be about talking to relatives and cognitively intact residents viewing the care being given not about being presented with paper work theta looks good on the day

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