Aged 73, disabled and still working! This woman will not tolerate young dole bludgers

Brenda Rawlins is living with cerebral palsy, uses a walking frame and is 73-years-old. Despite this, she still catches a
Via A Current Affair, Channel 9

Brenda Rawlins is living with cerebral palsy, uses a walking frame and is 73-years-old. Despite this, she still catches a taxi to work every day.

Now Brenda and her family have shared some pointed words for young unemployed people. Is this the message dole bludgers need to hear?

“There’s a lot of able-bodied people out there that will not go to work. They need to be out there and they need to work”, said Brenda’s sister, Pauline.

Brenda has been unemployed non-stop since the age of 18. “I love to work”, she told A Current Affair recently. “I’m a worker, not a bludger”.

Unfortunately being disabled means Brenda spends around $500 each fortnight, catching taxis to work in Melbourne’s CBD. She is currently employed as a transcriber by the Victorian Supreme and County Court.

The taxi fares are partly subsided by the Victorian government, but only at 50%. Brenda would like to see the subsidy increased to 75%, so that older or disabled Australians could continue working if they wished too.

“It’s easier to subsidise someone who’s helping themselves, than someone who is fully able to and doesn’t want too”, Brenda said. “I’m sick and tired of turning on my television and hearing about dole bludgers”.

The public have been wowed by Brenda’s story. One Facebook user wrote, “what a woman! Puts all those young bludgers to shame that’s for sure!”

Whilst another added, young “people of today are self-serving, entitled and all to happy to blame everyone else for their own problems rather than their own attitudes and behaviours. It seems these days, that welfare dependency is just another career path”.

Do you think that Brenda is setting an example for young dole bludgers? Should older or disabled Australians be given support to continue working, if they so wish?

  1. Congratulations Brenda….a wonderful Role model….keep up the good work ….so wish we had more like you!

  2. You are an inspiration to all, I bet the young bludgers will have a go at you for being so honest… I really think the taxis should be free to you and any one else so you can get to your very important job…cheers to you Brenda I hope you are given some help with the cabs…(the cabs part should have added in your position)

  3. Saw her on TV yes excellent role model but the only ones that will agree are the same breed as her I’m 62 and have worked since leaving school as that’s what you do ! my Dad went to work every day but with all our mobiles,computers and mod cons people (not all) have got LAZY,why work when you can get paid by us taxpayers the x box and internet games are awaiting you .

  4. Deidre Green  

    I know I’ll be shot down for this, but there are many, well qualified young people, looking for a job, just like that.

    By continuing to work, she is taking a job that could well be filled by such a young person, who has their whole future in front of them and just wants to get a full time job.

    • Sticky one Deidre part of me agrees with your comment about young ones not being able to find positions and part sees her right to continue working, but having chosen to continue working should pay her own transport cost (50% taxi subsidy ok).

    • And perhaps Deirdre, she should get out of her house too, so that young people can have that. How dare you suggest that because she is not a “young person” she is not entitled to have a job. Last time I looked, this is still a “free” country (although that seems to be changing daily, thanks to this government).

  5. Dianne Evans  

    I do not think people who pick on unemployed people and call them dole bludgers are a great role model at all. We do not mind putting everyone in one basket and forget that for some it is a different life altogether. This new fashion of lumping people in a basket the young the old the unemployed ect ect just a way too not worry about any group except yourself and make people feel better than each other. I take people as I find them and in all groups we have the good the bad and a mix so stop with the saying everyone can get a job when it is a fact that there are not enough jobs for the number of people needing them.

    • Faye  

      I agree with every word you say. Get sick of hearing what ALL young ones are like. I have two sons who are very hard workers. Youngest has not been out of a job since he was 14 and worked 2 jobs all through a 3 year apprenticeship.

  6. Margaret fisk  

    She is doing a wonderful job but on the other hand do you think perhaps she should be retired and let maybe one of those Dole bludgers have her job, not being nasty but

  7. Gail  

    Good for her but it also says HEAPS about the people who are willing to employ her that is also what makes them special they see past the problems and see her WORTH.

  8. Gail  

    Yes I would work too if someone bothered to look past the fact that I have a brain and manners and give me a position rather then some upstart who hasn’t got any manners and can only blame someone else in the work place who may or may not have been any where near the work that was supposed to be done.

    • Jan Edwards  

      That is so true. It seems we are considered witless once past a certain age. Some young people are great and unfortunately many aren’t.

  9. Teresa  

    I have noticed the words “dole bludger” creeping back into the vocabulary, really, are we going to stigmatise people who for any Miriad of reasons can’t work ! I live in an area where unemployment is higher than national average, people are struggling here, so let’s not put them down further by using erroneous language when describing their situation.

  10. Whilst I admire Brenda I’m aware she is doing something she loves. Many people can’t get into jobs they like. Many are not mentally or emotionally able to step out and enter the work force. Having said that, I believe everyone should have to do something for their dole money and be properly assessed and placed in appropriate positions.

  11. Faye  

    Perhaps Starts at Sixty could employ someone to edit before posting. This article is shocking.

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