Accused rapist, 12, going on family holiday after getting bailed out

A 12-year-old boy accused of ­repeatedly sexually assaulting a six-year-old girl has been spared his next date in court so

A 12-year-old boy accused of ­repeatedly sexually assaulting a six-year-old girl has been spared his next date in court so that he can enjoy a family holiday. The boy’s lawyer, James Viney, told the court his client was pleading not guilty to four counts of indecent assault, three while in company, and two counts of sexual intercourse with a child under 10 at a northern beaches school that cannot be named to protect the identity of the children.

Mr Viney then asked for the youngster’s bail conditions to be changed so that he could go ­interstate for a family holiday. Magistrate Louise McMahon agreed and ordered the boy be excused from appearing when his case is next before the court on November 24.

The boy and his co-accused, also 12, are alleged to have indecently assaulted the young girl three times while together some time between 8am on June 24 and 4pm on July 1, reports

The Year 6 boy yesterday ­denied the accusations, which are alleged to have taken place in a school toilet block, as he made his first ­appearance at Children’s Court accompanied by his parents and aunt.

The boy who appeared yesterday is further charged with raping the girl by himself some time between June 24 and July 1, and on a second occasion on August 16.

Following the second alleged encounter the girl told someone at school and her parents were notified. The Education Department reported the allegations to police.

On September 1, letters were mailed to other parents at the school informing them of the ­allegations.

The second boy is on bail and will appear at Children’s Court on October 20.

How does this story make you feel?

  1. Chris  

    It makes me feel sick in the stomach. The poor little girl – and those boys will grow up being sexual offenders……..

  2. Denise Gillespie  

    Amazing isn’t it. One little girl’s world completely destroyed and the (no word to describe) moron that did it gets rewarded with a fanily holiday !!!! What is the world coming to

    • Sharon Horwood  

      Because it is and always has been a male world.

    • Theadora McNamara  

      Yes what a disgrace to reward this boy for his aledged rape of this young girl when are we going to make children responsible for there actions today sorry not happy he will grow up to re afend

  3. Why should he be allowed to go on holidays. He is accused of raping a young girl & should not be allowed to leave the town.

  4. Wayne Watkins  

    lets reward the little monster and take him on a luxury holiday whilst his next court appearance is to be held after he has ruined an innocent little girl’s life . What’s wrong with Australia’s judges these days ?

    • Ross Hurse  

      They are mostly dogooders now makes me sick! A friend of mine is a cop and he said that they waste their time bring them to court!

    • SusieQ  

      He’s entitled to go on a luxury holiday just as he is entitled to rape a young girl – this is what Australian children are being led to believe these days!!! They’re allowed to do anything they like and parents are no longer involved in actual parenting, they’re being best friends instead. This kid will get off this charge and he won’t have learned anything about right and wrong.

    • Joy Anne Bourke  

      I agree totally. No way should this kid be allowed on a holiday. His parents are not much if this the way they react to this poor girl whose life is ruined.

  5. Vickie  

    This makes me angry and scared How can anyone justify letting the boy go on a holiday after what he’s done What message is that giving to anybody The poor girl must feel really worthless right now Has she been rewarded?She would be scarred for life What are the judges thinking these days?

  6. This poor girl has already been given a life sentence while the perpetrator walks free for goodness sake. Tighten up our justice system or build more jails to accomodate these people 😦

  7. The problem is…he is innocent until PROVEN guilty.
    Maybe it didn’t happen. Might be she wanted their attention.
    I am not saying anyone is right or wrong….just thank god we don’t have lynch parties.
    Unfortunately it doesn’t take long for the ‘mob mentality’ to surface.

    • Valerie Schomberg  

      I bet if it was your child or grandchild who was raped you would be singing a different tune.Weather he is guilty or not, he should not be allowed the privilege untill after th e court has cleared up the matter.

    • What kind of moron are you? A 6 years old girl wanting their attention? She’s not 16 in high school wanting a bit of slap and tickle at the back of the toilet block? What are they doing hanging round the girls toilets anyway. In the schools I know the years 6 students are separated from the kindy students. Sickening. How wouldyou deal with it if it was your child?

    • Jj  

      I don’t think for one moment she wanted their attention, particularly in this manner. However I do agree with you – innocent until,proven guilty. Could there be a case for mistaken identity? I don’t know anything about the case, and would be devastated if that little girl was in my family. I am outraged this happened to any little girl, there will be lifelong consequences for her. Something she will carry with her forever. But let justice run its course in relation to the perpetrator. If that boy is guilty, he will be dealt with accordingly. But what if, just what if
      , it wasn’t him?

    • Heather Phillips  

      Little girls don’t make these things up. They don’t have the language to describe what has happened to them. Nor do they have the guile.

    • Mary Manning  

      Di Caust you’re one of those “do gooders” I referred to in my Comment. Wake up lady!! Anyone accused of this type of crime doesn’t deserve & get ” special conditions” to go on a holiday. They stay & attend every Court date & maybe somewhere along the line it will sink into him that what he’s accused of is so very very wrong. It might also make his parents wake up & not reward this alleged behaviour. No holiday for him until the matter is resolved & the legal system runs it’s course.
      BTW remove this idiot of a Judge from the case.
      So think again about your pathetic, pitiful & just plain wrong reaction. Children need Boundaries, not rewards for disgusting & horrendous behaviours/crimes!!

  8. Pam rawlings  

    What is the world coming to some parents don’t care what there children do they are bad parents . j
    The justice ystem is wrong it is like saying to the boy we will rewared for doing what what you did . my god he should be locked up , not taken on a holiday.

  9. Daniel baxter  

    It matters not what the age rape is rape however we head for anarque if we forget innocent till proven guilty we put trust in the media for the news but ever so often it is the media that cause bigger problems to true justice by incorrect or exaggerating the truth by false reporting that’s why we have a justice system

  10. Lyn  

    So much for protecting small vulnerable children this cretin knew what he was doing with no regard for his victim it makes me sick his parents

  11. JF  

    First his parents must be wealthy and well connected to get a Judge to grant the little rapist time for a nice vacation while his co-defendant has to appear in court.

    Second I am damn tired of protecting kids who commit violent crimes just because the are minors. If and do not tell me they had no idea it was wrong but IF they commit crimes they darn well know are not right try them as adult and for punishment RAPE their behinds for say, well tell they become 18 but do so in an adult prison.

    Eye for eye, arm for arm, rape for rape.

    And the parents, they too should be punished for not knowing OR worst covering up which is exactly what they are doing and not for a vacation but my money is the lawyer told them to get lost while he brain washes the boy on what to say.

  12. Marilyn budden  

    The boys should be in custody until there trail. Parents who support this kind of behaviour in there children should be charged with encouraging this behaviour by supporting them. They are well on there way to a life in jail. Money should not buy them help. How disgraceful the judge agreed to this how much was he paid under the shelf.

    • Vem  

      This request? and the deciding result makes me SICK to my stomach! I have two six year old g/children and even though I don’t believe in an ‘eye for an eye’ l do believe in justice!
      What type of lawyer could possibly even contemplate a rediculous request such as this and their motive behind it? Sadly it makes a laughing stock of the law system in general. No wonder this country is going down the tubes.
      At twelve they are older enough to know what they are doing, the consequence (which is pathetic) and makes me wonder very strongly about those their parentage!

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