ABC labelled “racist” by Indigenous leader

It seems every time you turn around these days someone or something is being labelled as racist. This time, it’s
Indigenous activist Noel Pearson. Source: YouTube

It seems every time you turn around these days someone or something is being labelled as racist.

This time, it’s the ABC copping flack from Indigenous lead and activist Noel Pearson.

According to ABC reports, Pearson described the broadcaster as “racist” and “miserable” at a book launch for former prime minister Paul Keating.

The criticism comes just a week after Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull slammed the ABC as being “elite media”.

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So, why does Pearson have an issue with the ABC?

Well, he’s accused the ABC of reporting on the misery and tragedy of Indigenous life.

Apparently, he thinks the ABC needs Indigenous Australians to be alienated, live short lives and be incarcerated for their coverage.

The ABC also reports Pearson accusing staff of being “people willing the wretched to fail”.

The comments come at a time when there’s much debate in the community about what exactly constitutes racism.

We’re spending a lot of time as a society debating 18C, hate speech and major cases such as Bill Leak’s cartoon which was labelled “racist”.

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You might be wondering how the ABC has responded to Pearson’s claims?

Well, the ABC claimed it had more Indigenous coverage and more Indigenous staff “than any other Australian media outlet”.

“With its 60 locations across Australia, the ABC covers the everyday experiences of Indigenous communities and provides a range of programs to give voices to Indigenous Australians and to showcase their achievements,” the broadcaster said in a statement

“The ABC has also been at the forefront in recognising Indigenous talent. ABC Radio, ABC TV and ABC News have set up Indigenous units to better reflect Indigenous culture in staffing and in story-telling.

“These initiatives have delivered programs, including the award-winning series Redfern Now and Gods of Wheat Street and the recent hiring of journalist Stan Grant, whom Mr Pearson has described as ‘speaking for black Australia’.”

What do you think? Is Noel Pearson right about the ABC? Or are people too quick to label things as “racist”?

  1. Justin  

    One can’t even say ‘boo to a goose’ these days without being labelled ‘racist’!

    This Country going down the gurggler, in many ways’, & this is just one of them.

    In this instance, the ABC should just stop reporting ANYTHING about indigenes’.
    That way, there’ll be no ‘racism’ being reported, or any other topic which seems to offend Noel.

    Aborigines’ can’t have it both ways’.

    • NO , you are Wrong , !!!! If ABC didnt report on indigenes, they would scream even louder * what about us indigenes * hot going to win either way , LOL.

  2. Guy  

    No, I don’t believe the ABC are racist. I find their constant left wing biases to be a
    blatant form of ‘REVERSE RACISM’. It seems to me that this takes the form of
    consistent demeaning of the hardworking efforts of ‘white’ Australians desperately trying
    to improve the lifestyles of remote indigenous communities.
    The ABC give very little air space to sensible thinking indigenous leaders like Mundine
    and Pearson, preferring to listen to the hysterical activist bleatings of loonies like
    that detestable female creature on Q&A last night.

    • SS  

      Racism has an oppressive element which stems from past injustices. Their is no such thing as reverse racism. All your experiencing is just a re balance of power. Your lot still have the balance of power and should serve as a clear example of white Australias inherent privilege

    • Kent  

      You have nailed it Guy. What the ABC did when they ran their biased program about repeat offenders at the Don Dale detention Centre, on the eve of the NT election was sheer bastardry.
      If they genuinely want to practice balanced reporting they should do a 4 Corners investigative program exposing drunkeness & the resulting women & children abuse among all indigine communities.
      They could also have reported in defence of the QUT students, Bill Leak & Paul Zanetti. Not a word wiil they utter if it meant 18c was thretened.

  3. Stanley  

    Pearson being at a book launch with Keating………

    There’s a pair ‘made for each other’……….

    What I REALLY think about either of them is unprintable, more’s the pity.
    So much for ‘free speech’ in this Country………..

  4. Mike  

    Perhaps the ABC had the temerity to question Noel?

  5. Phil G  

    Listened to Stan Grant, the indigenous media employee of the ABC this morning – he was really struggling for words to explain what Noel Pearson was on about. I think Noel just shoots from the hip and has done nothing this time to help indigenous Australians.

    • SS  

      Noel Pearson is a highly paid government advisor. He isnt an Indigenous leader like he and his employers claim. His become very rich towing the party lines. Indigenous leaders are community based who do it for nothing. Funny how only white Australians call him a “leader” of any type

  6. Jennifer  

    They are damned if they do and damned if they don’t!!!!!!!!

  7. patricia dick  

    it is so easy to throw out that word isn’t it. We must all stop pussy footing and say what we mean.

  8. RC Henry  

    Today, the term racist has become hackneyed. Every time someone says something with which others disagree, it’s called racist, even when race isn’t an issue (that is how stupid we have become).

    Unfortunately, racism in Australia begins with Federal and State and Territory Government legislation, programs and policies that benefit one race over all others. This creates division and malcontent by people who see others getting treated differently from them.

    On one side, governments fund systems of apartheid and on the other spend millions on reconciliation. The two propositions are mutually exclusive, but still the money gets poured in and nothing changes.

    The late Governor-General Sir Paul Hasluck said that we had, “Homogenised the milk, but not the people”.
    The path to homogenising our nation is to help people in need on the basis of need, not race. All our focus on race tends to do is create division and disharmony. We are after all, all Australians.

    • Jacob  

      Tell that to Pearson, who mentioned ‘black Australia’.

      Well nothing’s going to get people together whilst someone like him speaks like this.
      He, & other aborigines’, are dividing this Country, & they’re the ones’ who need a good kick up the clacker!

      Sick of their being so against the ‘whitey’, who gives them everything, for which they’re not at all grateful!
      They pay for practically nothing in life, & are YET still not happy.

      Maybe they should return to their ‘traditional’ way of life, without Centrelink, & all else given them, & see how they fare!

      • Guy Flavell  

        Jacob, I reluctantly agree with much of what you’ve said. But Mate we just can’t condemn our remote Aboriginal Australians
        to an ongoing ‘Stone Age’ existence … especially when we know that they really don’t have to live like this. Yes, I know that they
        don’t display any motivation towards their own improvement. Sadly, I’m not smart enough to be able to offer any positive solutions,
        but I firmly believe that there is one person in this country who can … WARREN MUNDINE. I think that if the Government appointed
        him as “Commissioner For Indigenous Affairs” and gave him the budget and mandate to oversee all indigenous projects, education
        and welfare then we might just see some cost-effective and worthwhile benefits. Mundine is not racist (or reverse racist), is implicitly
        honest,totally understands the problems of the Aborigines, highly intelligent and is not aligned to any of the political parties and their
        internal factions. That report that came down last week indicated the total failure of the 1000 odd indigenous projects (=$31 billion) funded by the Government, with only 34 being marginally successful, ie: a disgraceful 3.4%. Surely Mundine could greatly improve on this dismal performance?
        I’d love to get your thoughts on this idea.

        • Jacob  

          Are you a friend of Mundine’s, as you seem to ‘push his barrow’ every chance you get?

          He’s not THAT great, & it’s beyond the ability of just one aboriginal person to sort out this mess.

          • Guy Flavell  

            Didn’t ask for one of your typically mindless swipes, Jacob. Was just interested in seeing whether you
            were actually capable of an intelligent response. Obviously I was hoping for miracles.

  9. Jacob  

    You’ve answered my question, in your inane reply.

  10. Jane  

    Anyone with an opinion is labelled a racist nowadays.

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