Abbott is considering his political future, but hasn’t stopped his commentary

Despite being deposed as prime minister back in September, Tony Abbott continues to broadcast his political views. His latest remarks have

Despite being deposed as prime minister back in September, Tony Abbott continues to broadcast his political views. His latest remarks have got some people wondering though, should Abbott be taking a proverbial backseat?

In The Australian today, Tony Abbott has urged the Turnbull government to stamp out trade union corruption, with a particular focus on construction and maritime unions. This is ahead of a royal commission report by Dyson Heydon, that will be released tomorrow.

“All I’m interested in ensuring is that the good work of the Abbott government is acknowledged, the fine work of commissioner Dyson Heydon is respected and we have an appropriate national response to the commission’s report”, Mr Abbott said.

According to The Australian, Abbott’s comments are intended to pressurise PM Malcolm Turnbull “to fulfil the Abbott government agenda on workplace ­reform”. Abbott’s political commentary “will now set up the Prime Minister’s handling of workplace relations as a test case for party conservatives before next year’s election”.

Tony Abbott is reportedly still considering his political future. It is unclear whether he will recontest his current parliamentary seat of Warringah. His latest comments have got some people rolling their eyes though, with one online user writing, “once again the ex-PM is telling people to do things he was too gutless to do when he was PM”.

Do you think Tony Abbott should take a political backseat? Is he trying to influence the Turnbull government?





  1. Oh the Abbott govt will be remembered. As the shortest, most negative divisive govt in living memory.

  2. Oh poor Tony, come down to earth precious. Who on earth would want to remember you. You best legacy is be forgotten

    • Didn’t Hitler have to have two goes at trying to be the boss? Don’t come back Maggot your country does not need you or MT for that matter, any more.

  3. Fine work? with a Politically biased Commissioner ? it was a Political witchhunt that cost the taxpayers over $80 million and then they have the hide to want to cut pensions !! Abbott is delusional

    • Remember I said in one of the posts! Don’t write him off! It could still be a laugh a minute with him resurrecting as PM again! The Libs don’t like or trust Malcolm as you see from the posts here!

    • Never say never in politics ..and people are angry at turnbul..

      • Pete the Pirate  

        The people are definitely NOT anti-Turnbull if you look at the Opinion Polls…….only the extreme and religious right of the LNP is anti-Turnbull.

    • Catharine I remember seeing a Mike Walsh show where they had a “fortune teller” say things that would happen in the future. He predicted that John Howard would become Prime Minister and everybody, the entire audience plus me and thousands of others at home laughed. This is politics. We don’t control it. The media do and when Kerry Packer wanted John Howard to become prime minister – he did. Unbelievable! We only have the illusion of being free.

    • I’m still in Qld too. Where I’ve been for my entire life. Bit damp around the edges but otherwise pleased the rain has lowered the temp gauge.

    • I said to my husband that it wouldn’t surprise me if TA tried to come back. He is so gutted at being ousted by MT.
      A week is a long time in politics…..anything can happen!!

  4. He is entitled to his opinion and he is entitled to express it in any way he wants. Whether anyone will listen is another question.

  5. He destroyed ( or helped to ) Julia Gillard but I’m sure she just thinks it’s karma at work.

  6. I hope Manly electorate don’t vote for him, he will be closed down by the people. He is still wanting cruel policies for the poorest implemented. Malcolm is a Hollow leader, he has little power within his party.

    • Labor is all for the needy WE could all be needy if we wanted to be, BUT we don’t , we work at anything AND save for a rainy day,

    • We worked and saved and didn’t holiday at all and the Liberal government has been the worst possible thing to happen to us. We weren’t needy – until the lying Tony “no cuts” Abbot got elected.

    • Dawn Bruce , we should be helping the needy….not the high end of town….this country would have far, fewer problems if the big corporations paid their fair share of tax instead of taking all their profits off shore….

  7. Newsflash Tony – the people did not vote you in, they voted the Rudd/Gillard government out. There is a difference – and if you were doing a good job as PM, you’d still be in the job.

    • Excuse me some of the people did I think if you remember it was a couple of points over half of all Australians voted for the LNP of which he was the leader of at the time…..

    • Judith Forbes like I said, if he was doing a good job as PM his own party would never have rolled him. He was an embarrassment – and he continues to be so. We are no longer living in the 1950’s.

    • Oh Rosanne Jannese that is such a rubbish argument..its not the 1950s abbott was done in by the media, cabinet leaks and people who believed it all..and if abbott was so bad why didn’t turnbull change any if his wasnt a polished bull***t artist like mal..and why do you think abbott continues to embarrass us..can you give me an example..

      • Pete the Pirate  

        Where have you been sleeping?????? Turnbull has overturned many of the Abbott policies and will continue to do more as the Climate Change debate hots up…..if you’ll pardon the pun.

    • Turnbull didn’t change Abbott’s policy’s because the far right would only vote for him to be PM if there were no policy changes. Just like at the previous election when Abbott would sell his arse to be PM, Turnbull sold his soul to be PM this time round..well said Rosanna

    • Spot on Libbi, and they’re tightening the screws on him now to tow the line. I hope he’s happy now, although he doesn’t look it and he looks very gaunt. Oh well, serves him right

    • Julie Leach , Libbi is correct….he sold his soul to become the PM….only able to succeed was to sign on the dotted line that there would be know changes to policy….so the only change was the person delivering the message…

  8. Jan Edwards  

    I think Tony Abbott is trying to keep the bastards honest and why should he shut up? He has been right on many issues. I’d love to see him regain his position.

    • Hegot NOTHING right, and why fools are still listening to him is anyone’s guess.

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