A thief left behind this startling note… Does it excuse the crime?

A cafe owner in New South Wales has fallen victim to theft, after hundreds of dollars in cash and food

A cafe owner in New South Wales has fallen victim to theft, after hundreds of dollars in cash and food were taken last week. However, that’s not the most troubling part.

The thief left behind a note which reads, “I’m so sorry… Poverty and addiction is to blame”. Then adds, “I will not be around to be caught”.

Cafe-owner Jeremy Norris was not impressed. “Why would you leave a note? It’s just taking the piss really, it’s rubbing salt into the wounds”, he told local media.

Over $300 in cash was taken, whilst Mr Norris lost another $400 worth of ingredients. “Pretty much a whole food delivery had been swiped”, Mr Norris explained.

The note calls into question an interesting debate. Are poverty and addiction to blame for incidents like this? Or is there never any justification for crime?

Have your say in the Comments section below. Do you sympathise, or is there never any need for crime?

This note was left after a store was broken in to and hundreds of dollars worth of food and cash stolen.What do you think?

Posted by Western Advocate on Thursday, February 11, 2016

  1. Kerry Ferrari

    maybe not an excuse poverty but I think we’ll see more of it. this country would not have been settled with us whiteys but for it.

  2. Debbie Bryant

    The Salvation Army do wonderful work with addicted poverty stricken people. I am sure if he knocked on their door he could get help. My husband and I attended a local fundraiser for the Salvos last night. They told us of their plans for the next 12 months. They are there to help anyone in trouble.

    • Christa Caldecott

      Debbie – We were burgled a few years ago and the thief was caught, as he burgled three suburbs in all. Our house was left in a terrible mess, with many valuables taken (and never recovered). Turns out he was housed by the Salvation Army but had a habit of stealing. Sad society we live in these days.

  3. Linda Thompson

    There is never an excuse for stealing, it just shows how selfish and greedy you are. If you are suffering poverty there are ways to help yourself rather than making other people suffer for your short comings. Addiction can be helped too through the correct channels … A note apologising for your bad behavior does not compensate the business owners losses.

  4. Ray Biar

    started out the colder the day the more hot meals to be made get your sorry pathetic lives in order do volenteer work someone is far more likely to pick a person with a social concience than any pathetic poor arsed gimmie, failure should mean shipyard cleaning boats or some such they will soon get employed

  5. Anne Ogilvie

    It doesn’t excuse it, but multiply it a few thousand times & it does emphasise how the community is left to bear the brunt of inadequate drug laws & how essential it is to provide drug users with more appropriate treatment to get off the habit. The ‘war on drugs’ has failed both the community & addicts. Portugal has a far more effective & economical approach to drug control & it’s way past time for those same tactics to be applied elsewhere, for all our sakes.

  6. Gillian Simpson  

    you live in poverty because of your addiction and you can’t get a job because of your addiction, but you are prepared to steal from someone who works hard. Get yourself clean, get a job then you won’t have tp steal from your fellow man.

  7. Kath Tidmas

    A sad reflection on our society today. There is no excuse for stealing, they could of asked if there was any food left over. But most places just throw it out.

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