64% think the Australian flag should change and this is their pick

A whopping 64 percent of Australians think the Australian flag should be changed according to a poll which concluded yesterday.

A whopping 64 percent of Australians think the Australian flag should be changed according to a poll which concluded yesterday. Which of these six Australian flag options would you select if we were to see it happen?

Western Sydney University surveyed 8,140 people on six flag designs for Australia in the lead up to Australia Day and the flag that was most widely supported was the design called the Southern Horizon.

The Southern Horizon – supplied

“Australia has never had a truly democratic process to choose a national flag. The 1901 competition for a flag of government — not a national flag — required a British element and British approval,” Dr Jones said.

“The response to this survey shows a proper national conversation on the Australian flag and a democratic vote is long overdue,” said Benjamin T Jones from the University of Western Sydney, the man behind the survey process.

The Southern Horizon returned a whopping 31 percent of the attention from 6,427 respondents, not too dissimilar to the other most popular option, the flag called the Reconciliation Flag which raised a 28 percent of the vote.

The satisfaction with the other four flags was much lower, with the Eureka flag returning 15%, the Golden Wattle 12%, the Sporting flag 7 percent and the Southern Cross flag at 6 percent.

Dr Jones oversaw the survey at the university and commented to the media that respondents fell into two categories: those who wanted a neutral design with a link to the current flag, and those who wanted a flag that recognised Australia’s Indigenous heritage.

“In many of the comments [from supporters of the Reconciliation Flag], an Indigenous element was an absolute must,” he is reported as saying to the ABC.

“But there were many who said it must be a neutral flag, inclusive of all ethnicities.”

Mr Jones has called our flag, which was adopted in 1901 and adapted in 1908, outdated.

“We no longer take to battles needing a flag, it’s more on sporting occasions … and to distinguish ourselves at international meetings.

“It’s still a powerful signal with a lot of relevance … but we’ve come an incredibly long way, and in some senses, it is the flag of the old British Empire.”

The flags that Dr Jones surveyed on have been released puboisly by different groups in recent years, and all have some kind of community support.

From left to right, top to bottom: the Eureka, Southern Horizon, Reconciliation, Sporting, Golden Wattle and Southern Cross flags.
From left to right, top to bottom: the Eureka, Southern Horizon, Reconciliation, Sporting, Golden Wattle and Southern Cross flags.


      • Faye  

        Exactly. It would be great to have our own Australian flag, not an English hybrid one.

      • Karen  

        Don’t get me wrong .. I love our flag but to be historically correct (and I quote) “The Boer War, World War 1 and World War 2 were fought under the Union Jack.” (Ray Martin, Channel 9 presenter … a while ago now).

    • David James people fought for our country under this flag . Pull your head in and leave the flag aalone

    • David James of course they fought for our country I know that ask some of the old diggers what they want leave it alone

  1. I don’t give a f. …… what the ozies think it’s none of their business.

    • Looks like NZ is changing theirs so no similarity between the two flags.

      • Margaret McCa;;  

        New Zealand is only having referendums on a flag change. I think we all mostly feel the same, leave our present flags alone.

    • So true Pam Gillespie, if Kiwi’s change theirs no need to change ours cos they won’t be mistaken then will they……

    • Hilary McLeñnan  

      If it’s none of our business then whose business is it?

  2. Personally I don’t see the need for change but certainly not to any of the suggestions shown here. The green & gold options are truly awful and the southern cross should remain on there. Some people just like change for changes sake.

  3. I like The Southern Horizon but I feel any new flag should include part of the Aboriginal flag

  4. Isn’t number 1 the symbol a lot of bikies and bogans use?

    • It’s the Eureka flag, when the miners rebelled against the authorities. I don’t approve of the BLF and bikies using this flag, it belongs to all Australians.

      • That’s the sad thing – a great flag hijacked by unionists and lefties – no longer represents Australia

    • Susan Bell  

      Paul, it is the Eureka flag. It is a symbol of equality and freedom. It is the most important flag we have. Eureka uprising was not just about miners licences it was for universal suffrage, the opening up of crown land for the poor, the payment of politicians so that the poor could be represented in parliament, free education, proper wages and conditions, the right for miners to hold positions on the gold board,rights for women etc etc. Most of their demands are the same as the demands of the Chartists.
      The Chartist movement started in Wales then spread rapidly through western europe. I suggest you read ‘The forgotten Women of Eureka’ .
      From all the posts I have read here I feel that very few of you actually have studied or understand Australian history.
      In the English papers last week there has been a push to have the glory of the ‘Empire’ taught in schools. This has generated dreadful racism against any colony, the ideas that genocide is good as it brings civilisation, civilisation as practiced by barbarians. It is so disgusting no one would want the Union Jack on their flag.

  5. None of these ideas – but personally I like the present flag!! I think we need to think of the cost of change – and where else that money could be spent – like extra hospital staff (doctors, hurses) like schools, like roads, like the homeless, like low cost housing – the list could go forever!!

  6. I would settle for just about any new flag that didn’t have the flag of another country on it.

    • Don’t worry it will soon have the flag of China replacing it. All good I’m sure, we will really have a say then.

    • LawrieandChris Care not a bad choice lawrie, at least they didnt send our young men off to be slaughtered.

      • Hilary McLeñnan  

        You should look into history a little little bit and you would realise if those brave young men hadn’t joined the forces we wouldn’t be here living in this wonderful country as it is today. If you want to live under the rule of countries who tried to invade Australia and wipe out our inhabitants, including those of aboriginal descent, but were prevented by the brave young men of our armed forces, then I would suggest you migrate to China or wherever else you think you’re better off as quickly as possible. You’d soon know on which side your bread is buttered. Get out the history books and start learning.

    • Well said Wayne, a lot of people writing some of these stupid posts in here need to catch up on our military history.

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