25 Australians killed: What can be done to stop this epidemic right now?

Australians are dying every day from this preventable issue – and it seems they’re still not getting the message, even

Australians are dying every day from this preventable issue – and it seems they’re still not getting the message, even at Christmas time.

25 people nationwide have died in car accidents in the past week, a devastating blow for the police force after a large campaign that asked drivers to slow down and keep vigilant during the holidays. It seems it has landed on deaf ears.

Sky News reports three separate crashes in NSW and Victoria have pushed the country’s national holiday road toll to 25.

A female driver was killed when two cars collided head-on in Whittingham, northwest of Newcastle yesterday afternoon.

So far the Northern Territory is the only state or territory not to have recorded any road deaths during the holiday toll period, which began last Wednesday and ends on January 3.

The news comes as Margaret River police in WA gave out close to 1000 demerit points in four hours on Monday after they caught 360 speeding drivers on Wallcliffe Road.

It makes us wonder: are drivers really listening? A car is a weapon and also the most dangerous form of transport, yet some people are still taking risks. What more can the government do with their safety messages? If this were any other epidemic, i.e. health related, there’d be many more things in place.

A number of years ago there were graphic ads that hit home the message about reducing speed and being alert, and they were highly effective. Is it time to bring them back?

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  1. I don’t think that the Government can be held responsible for the choices individuals make.
    People could possibly be educated from early childhood on the need to take care and take responsibility for the choices they will make in life.

  2. Sadly this is nothing new, the road toll is always higher over Christmas and Public Holidays, people travel long distances and tiredness can be a factor, also one to many beers at the last BBQ may not help and lack of attention paid to the road and speed are all big factors

  3. There come’s a time where people have to take responsibility for themselves, unfortunately there are just to many people who adopt the attitude that it CAN’T happen to me however it can and does happen to the ones who least expect it to happen. Please take care.

  4. so hard to educate idiots, not that they all are, but the penalties are just not severe enough, I would suggest triple the points and as for speeding loss of licence immediately for 12 months and a $1000 fine, drink and drug driving loss of licence for 5 years and $10,000 fine, and if caught with no licence then 1 yrs jail, to me the current system is just a revenue raising situation, if the authorities really want to get serious then make the penalties severe, not really rocket science is it ? cant wait for the bleeding heart comments now lol lol

    • No bleeding heart comment Peter – totally disillusioned with our whole legal system – but tell me this – harsher penalties for drivers who won’t obey the laws that are in place – but include in this assault, murder, drug trafficking, domestic violence and child abuse – the laws in this country are a joke – I would love to see someone with enough money sue the arse off a judge who has not done their job properly – so many people suffer because they will not apply the law

    • 100% agree with you, but the way the laws are they are so outdated and the judiciary full of incompetent fools, but even the the judiciary and even the parole board cannot be sued, they even have a law to protect them from being sue for their incompetence, but unless in the very near future someone takes the bull by the horns then you will find people taking out revenge as the people in general have had enough,

    • I continually see reports that a driver is unlicensed and the car unregistered when crash and a fatality occurs.Harsher penalties don’t work as many will just drive anyway.

    • Peter. Judges can’t issue very many prison terms for the simple reason that there aren’t enough prisons. When did you last see a politician saying “Vote for me and I’ll build three more prisons in every state?” Not going to happen.

    • Their licence and car should both be confiscated. If more offenders are locked up, then the gaols will be more over crowded. The whole legal system needs looking at.

    • Exactly – go to your local nursing homes people – guess what people actually share rooms – shock horror

  5. They need to post the ages of these fatality victims, how many under the age of 20? People getting their licenses need to do advance driving course, saw a young P plater yesterday, almost hit me and nearly lost it going around a slight corner…car full of young mates with him, big hero!!!!

    • I think they should also post what state they are from and get that state to work with all states in this matter -cars should be crushed regardless

  6. Drink or drug drivers should be banned no exceptions…. vehicles confiscated!! they spend to much effort getting people who are doing people for a few klks over the speed limit and not enough on those doing 20 + who are real menace…

    • Trouble is the penalties for driving without a licence are too soft. I agree with what you say Bonnie but most of the people you write about will think nothing of driving unlicensed so they just keep doing it. Lose your car and have it crushed. Tough love but one way of getting the message into their thick heads.

    • IF YOU IGNORE the 5/10 k over driver how can you prosecute the 20k over bonnie hibbett the law is the law .bit like saying its ok mum i am only a little bit pregnant

    • Very strange analogy Graeme , Of course you can never be a little bit pregnant !!
      But you can be a little tipsy . ( I don’t mean while driving either ) Or 3-4 km over the speed limit . that is not what kills on our roads . Seeing what I observe regularly on our freeways and highways .
      It’s the bad decisions Like phone use , it is the worst , texting , looking at your passenger not the road , passing in an unsafe area tailgating etc . Adding this behviour TO speed , along with alcohol and drugs in your system . That’s our road toll . Right there. One would ask when do they learn . Well first , Take away the license for a period of time if you are caught using a phone and texting , take it for longer periods , especially while drinking coffee and smoking all at the same time while driving .Tougher penalties for this behaviour alone will make a difference. More so than the 3- 5 km over .

  7. Is there comparisons from year to year, not how many die on our roads but how. Are these accidents caused by drug or alcohol affected drivers, stupidity or just being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

  8. I just wish people would stop blaming others for the actions they take themselves. We all know not to speed when driving, we all know not to drink & drive or to keep driving when we are tired so the blame can only be put onto the driver. Drivers should also drive to the condition of the road, it may be a 100k speed limit but if the road is full of pot holes you slow down.

  9. For me, it’s not speed as much as bad driving practices at busy times. If we had more police in the roads all the time prosecuting the ones who pass when unsafe, etc, maybe the bad drivers would be forced into better habits?

  10. The biggest problem is the attitude that “the government” should fix it. People should be 100% accountable for their own actions. If you have the right to drive a motor vehicle, you have a huge responsibility to drive it safely. Almost all crashes are the fault of a driver not being responsible.

    • I agree with the first part of your statement, but some people are victims of others peoples’ mistakes. You can just be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

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