Your horrible first dates

Dating can be a beautiful thing, especially when the person you are dating ends up being the person that you

Dating can be a beautiful thing, especially when the person you are dating ends up being the person that you end up with for the rest of your life. We all have “those dates” though. The ones that we don’t talk about but sometimes pop into our heads to let you know that they actually did happen. We took the topic of bad dates to the Men’s Shed to see what the boys had to say.

“Oh man, I have a good one,” Jake says with a grin. “I was just out of school and didn’t have a lot of money. I was fixing up this old car with my Dad and let’s just say it wasn’t exactly road worthy. I met this girl at a store and asked her out. My first surprise was she said yes, my second was that when she asks if I had a nice car to pick her up in I said ‘yup’. I didn’t. It was a hunk of junk.” Jakes laughs and continues “She was waiting outside her house when I pulled around the corner. I bet she was hoping that it wasn’t me as I came sputtering down the road. She was probably relieved when the brakes didn’t work, and I kept drifting past. I must have gone past her about three times before I got slow enough to hit the kerb to get it to stop. First impressions, eh? She ended up marrying my friend, Ben.”

Robert thought he could top that, “Mine has a happy ending because she ended up becoming my wife. At the time though I thought it was horrible. I had just gotten home from doing my Army service overseas. I had known Abby for about three years. We were always friendly but never dated. When I got home she asked me out, and I thought ‘hot dog, I’m in.’ Her dad is what we would call over protective. He came on the first five of our dates. Didn’t even hide it. Sat next to us and everything. He was a top bloke, and we laughed about it all the time. Sure enough, when I had a daughter I tried the same thing.”

“I went on a blind date with this girl,” said Henry, “It was set up by friends of ours. She said she was going to be wearing a red rose, a classic. I said that I would be wearing a red tie. I was as dapper as I could be and in she walked. She sat down, and we started to have a great evening when she said that I was nothing like her friends had described. I felt the same way. When we asked each other what our friends had said, it slowly dawned on us that we were on the wrong date. Sure enough, there was another couple in that restaurant wearing a rose and a red tie.” Henry chuckled. The boys had to press him on about the rest of it. He smiled “We quickly got rid of the rose and the red tie and snuck out. But we got caught by the other couple, and they were NOT happy about the ruse. We had dated a little while longer before she went overseas and we went our separate ways.”

What was the worse first date experience you had? Did you return for a second date?