Keep track of prescription medication with this simple trick

For those who have lots of medication to keep track of, you’ll know how complicated it can get. And let’s

For those who have lots of medication to keep track of, you’ll know how complicated it can get. And let’s not forget all those supplements that also add to the number of things we need to remember to take.

You can buy those medication planning boxes but after a while, the tablets that you keep in them tend to become less “fresh”. Not only that, there will be moments where you have doubts about having taken a pill only to skip it and realise that you actually didn’t take it in the first place.

This trick here is so easy to do and all you need is a Sharpie to write on the bottles.

It will tell you what time you need to take the meds and you can make a note that you have indeed taken them.

How to do it:

Simply draw a table where you fill the date in one column and leave the other column to be checked when you’ve taken your meds. Easy!

Photo credit: Pinterest.
Photo credit: Pinterest.

Do you have a way to stay on top of your prescription medication?

  1. That is one way of dealing with liquid oral medications. Some people like to use a webster pack and others like to have those plastic containers (M-T-W-TH-F-S-SN). And if you are dealing with a pet that does not like medications (ones that are not SR–Slow Release) You can use a mortar and Pestle and grind them up, put in a little water and syringe it up (thats what I had to do for the cat when it had kidney problems)Take Care xx

    • elena  

      Thanks Moira, regarding to pill a cat is yours a good idea. However, my cat WHO has Thyroids’ issues and has to be medicated twice a day the Vet has said that the pill has to go into her without being altered!!! it is my dilemma.

  2. I take all of my stuff out of the cupboard and put it on the kitchen bench. As I take each pill I put that bottle back in the cupboard. Next day repeat above
    . If I need the same bottle more than once per day I sit it on a piece of paper at the start of the day and write down as I take each pill.

  3. I lay my tablets out on a small table in the lounge and just work through the day with them! – Hugh.

  4. mum has about 5 or 6 tablets to take at a time I take about 4 ( both of us twice a day ) I use those boxes but they wear out and the lids on the different sections wears out so wen u go to empty one of them several empty at once

  5. There is an RX dispensing service (by postal delivery) called PillPack, in the US. They are a licensed pharmaceutical company. They plan to expand to other countries. They receive the physician’s prescriptions(receipts) and prepare a month’s supply of the required Medicines. They then ship the roll of perforated(tear-off friendly) clear plastic pouches labeled by content pills, date and time of day of the prescribed doses. The roll is in a designated dispensing box about the size of a thick book. Each day the person pulls out and tears off the labeled perforated clear plastic strip of that day’s pouches containing the pills. They are very easy to carry in pocket or purse. There is also an “app” that can be used that keeps track of the prescribed doses/time schedule, and like an alarm clock dings a reminder sound to notify the user at the designated time. The user then tears open that time’s pouch, takes out the pills and then return the strip to purse or pocket. If the user forgets, or is distracted, another audio alarm on the cell phone will sound at the pre-designated time to remind the user they haven’t yet taken the scheduled pills! It’s practically “idiot proof”. And not any more costly than the monthly supply of over-the-counter pharmacy bottle.

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