Funeral insurance ads are making me anxious and depressed

Those days, insurance use to be just for houses, cars and, well, life. But now, there is an insurance for

Those days, insurance use to be just for houses, cars and, well, life.

But now, there is an insurance for just about everything from pets to funerals, yes, funerals.

Luckily for the funeral industry, they don’t have too much trouble with supply – everyone dies eventually – but somehow they still compete with each other just like any other business so much so that funeral insurance ads feature too often on TV.

Some ads hook you in by making you think it’s about something else, and then bam, you suddenly realise that it’s a funeral expenses insurance ad. An ad to remind you that eventually, you will be leaving this earth and that it will not be free or charge.

Some funeral insurance ads imply that if you don’t buy one, you’ll be leaving a burden to your family and dying causes an inconvenience to your family. Other insurance ads portray how families that are left behind are usually happy if funeral expenses have been paid for – by you.

According to Natter at 60 writer, Ellen, “I think it’s just another way to get our money. Isn’t that what insurance companies are after? Money?”

“Why can’t they leave those things (our own funeral) to us and not constantly remind us that we’ll be dead?” exclaimed Ellen.

“Why can’t they leave those things (our own funeral) to us and not constantly remind us that we’ll be dead?” exclaimed Ellen.

Another forum commenter, ‘Hospis’, said, “What’s with all the funeral expenses insurance ads on TV, like 3 or 4 different companies, almost every ad break. Is this the new money making scam?”

Jay Gatsby said, “I doubt it’s a scam, although it’s fairly close to it. But then most insurance policies are. However… I hate these ads with a passion.”

Many TV viewers have complained that the frequent funeral insurance ads by multiple companies make them think more about their mortality and this leads to feelings of anxiety and depression. More and more, they are being driven to spend time outside the house.

“They call it insurance but in reality anyone who buys a ‘policy’ is just prepaying for their funeral. It would be better to start a special purpose bank account to pay for it if you don’t want to leave it for your family to cover,” said Natter at 60 writer, Peter Williamson.

“I just change the channel when these ads come on, otherwise I want to break something,” he said.

Some TV viewers think that such ads are insensitive and play on the insecurities of others and take advantage of that window of time where many over-60s are in front of the screen.

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Do you agree? How do funeral insurance ads make you feel?

  1. [email protected]  

    Yes, these ads have driven me to such distraction that I haven’t turned the TV on for about a month now. I now watch TV on demand via my laptop, only a couple of ads each break and none of them about funeral cover.. Phew!

  2. Jayne  

    This is an ‘industry’, IMHO, which doesn’t need to advertise. A wooden box, is a wooden box. And we’re ALL going to die! Full stop.

    Same goes for female sanitary products. This is a ‘mandatory’ requirement. There’s no option for females, unless one wants to get sterilised.

    So too, petrol in a car. ‘Mandatory’ requirement.

    Give us no tv adverts., thanks!

  3. Yes it have to say, funeral ads are far too frequent on daytime TV., it use to be OK to have the TV on in the background at home, don’t do it any more. Drives people crazy.

  4. All I can say is, there must be a LOT of money to be made from funeral insurance, because each of those ads costs thousands of dollars and have barely stopped for over a year (at a guess.) This tells me something…put money away for my own insurance, or pay for my funeral at the local funeral parlour. Friends of mine did this and it worked fine when the husband died.

  5. I can’t stand these ads, which is why in my house, we record everything and watch with the ability to fast forward through these creepy things. We can also watch things at our leisure. Good way to go.

  6. [email protected]  

    I had a cold call on my mobile a couple of weeks ago trying to sell me life insurance and salary continuance insurance. He said anyone from 18 to 60 is eligible for this insurance. I said I did not fall into this criteria, and he asked if I was over 60. When I said yes, he then offered to sell me funeral insurance!! Isn’t that just charming?

  7. My husband and myself have pre-paid our funerals with our local funeral parlour, which I feel will be a lot cheaper than paying funeral insurance which continues until you die. With pre-paid it is a one off fee, the funeral parlour makes their money from the interest on your money.

  8. Kevin  

    I was at an event and the speaker said “What about those funeral insurance ads?” There was a collective groan from the audience.

  9. Eve  

    This is a topic I am hopping mad about. My dear Mother passed away on 17/3/16 at 92, she had been paying into a funeral fund since 1959 and her cheque book showed she made her last payment in February 2016. Organising her funeral had to be undertaken quicker than usual as the following week was the lead up to Easter long weekend and only 2 appointments were available for that week at the Crematorium in Canberra. We approached the funeral fund (Invocare) who denied any payment on the basis that we did not use an “approved” Funeral Home. Do we believe the hype that these ads put forth? NO. Currently undertaking legal action, not for the money but for the principal that our Mother had faith all these years that she was going to pay for her own funeral (even though she did’nt need to).

  10. steven smart  

    My mum is currently terminally ill with lung cancer, she has probably only a few days left and these adverts during daytime t v are the most horrendous ambulance chasing adverts of all time, can you imagine being given 4 weeks to live and you can`t even use t v for what is was intended, escapism. Our family will go out of our way to ensure we do not appoint any of these lowlife companies.

  11. My friends and myself are also disturbed regarding the insensitive advertising of paid up funerals and death policies . There are far too many and makes watching tv upsetting each time they appear . Hopefully something will be done regarding this very emotional and sensitive type of advertising .

  12. Roy Anslow  

    Please please get these parasites banned as a lot of old people are sitting alone at night with very little money and worrying about dying please leave us alone

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