Do you like to wear a dress or pants?

Some people would never want to be seen in a dress because it’s just not their style while some just wish

Some people would never want to be seen in a dress because it’s just not their style while some just wish that they can wear it every day. Meryl Streep is a pants person and she wears them every chance she gets.

Those who like pants say they love wearing it because it lets them enjoy many activities without the possibility of a wardrobe malfunction. For example, gardening requires you to squat a lot while you weed or trim plants. Lisa, 65, said, “Here’s what I would never do in a short dress…ride a horse!”

Lot’s of people say that dresses can expose them when they least expect it like going up a set of stairs or the escalator. Remember when Marilyn Monroe fought the upward breeze of the subway grate that lifted up her little white dress? Although that was part of a movie, surely no one will have the same effect of Marilyn because your knickers is not something you want to show. And then, there is the fabulous style of Helen Mirren who shows that dresses can be really fabulous for the over-60s.

So, what’s your pick?

Do you like wearing pants or dresses?

  1. I have worn pants ever since I bought my first pair of bright green jeans way back in the dim dark past, and I only wear dress when I had to but now I have no dresses in my wardrobe at all.

    • Glenis  

      Agree. One black skirt in my wardrobe. Like dresses on other women though. Dislike the look of tight fitting pants or any pants with high heels .

  2. Jenny  

    Pants only. Haven’t worn a dress for over 20yrs.

  3. I prefer shorts and trousers – dresses make me look like a homosexual cross dresser.

  4. I prefer pants, I haven’t had a dress in years and with my arthritis and knee replacements, I can’t wear heels, so it is a lot less pain free in flats and I do love my jeans

  5. Some people — myself included — don’t have much choice but to wear pants. I had two knee replacements on the same leg which only made things worse for me, leaving me with one knee much larger than the other. It’s really ugly, and it’s even difficult finding pants to fit me (like having one foot much bigger than the other). I have to buy pants that are way too big just to accommodate the bigger leg. I can’t get around in long flowing dresses all the time, so what else can I do? Any suggestions?

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