Woman’s outfit gets her kicked off flight

Social media has been on fire with a new trending topic of “leggingsgate” which stems from two women being told the would not be allowed to fly due to “inappropriate” clothing. The two women showed up at the airport gate wearing tight fitting “leggings”.

The US carrier United Airlines initially said that it was the material the leggings were made of that sparked concern. However, they have since gone with the appropriateness of the clothes. They have stated on Twitter that in the terms and conditions of flying with the airline that customers can be refused flights if they are “barefoot or not properly clothed”.

While many took it as a political issue, the airline stated that the two flying were “pass travellers” who got their tickets because they are either employees or family of an employee.  In a statement released by the airline, they stated, “The passengers this morning were United pass riders who were not in compliance with our dress code policy for company benefit travel.”

Both women changed their clothes and were allowed to board the flight.

Some online are taking the stance that it was a form of sexism.  Actress Patricia Arquette stated on Twitter, “Turns out United bans leggings, torn jeans, and shorter shorts for free employee pass tickets.”

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This lead to another user to reply, “So this policy is designed to apply only to women.” Ms Arquette agreed and added, “few men wear leggings.” only to have one of the funniest posts of the day by William Shatner.

What do you think of the situation?  Do you think leggings are appropriate for travel?

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