Woman finds disgusting surprise on her car left by passing plane

If you have ever used an airplane bathroom you’ll no doubt know how uncomfortable they are. However, the flip side of the comfort is the idea of that waste falling from 30,000 feet in the air and raining down waste on your house.

According to American Bethany Bowker this has happened to her a few times. It happened again this week and she has had enough. She has grabbed her phone and recorded it. She claims that a plane dropped human “poop” on her driveway and car.

Ms Bowker said, “I don’t understand how airlines can get away with dumping their human waste in my yard”. She plans to report this incident to the Federal Aviation Administration who polices the air.

A local television station contacted the FAA and received this statement, “The FAA periodically receives reports of blue ice (frozen wastewater) falling on a house. If the person can tell us (the FAA) exactly when and where it happened, we can try to run radar replays to see if an aircraft flew overhead around that time. We don’t provide any advice on how to clean up blue ice.”

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“Blue Ice” is the nickname given to leaked and frozen materials from airplanes that is usually coloured blue due to liquid disinfectant. However, in this case the waste looks nothing like that and suggests that it was dropped by a lower flying craft. The nearest airport to Ms Bowker’s house is only fifteen minutes away so it is possible to have been from a low flying craft.

At this stage there has been no official word from the airport or any airline, though in an update on her Facebook page the local council did come and clean it up for her.

Have you ever heard of something so disgusting? Luckily everything has been cleaned up now. What would you have done if you found the same thing on your car?

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