Why you should pack magnets for your next cruise

Why you should pack magnets for a cruise

Cruise cabins can be a bit snug, especially if you’re travelling with one or two other people to a room. That’s why it pays to be creative with your space and get the most out of the size of the room.

If you’re a regular cruiser, you’ll know that some space-saving knowledge can go a long way, and that’s exactly why you should pack magnets for your next cruise.

As you probably know, ships are made mostly of metal, and that means that your walls are magnetic.

If you pack a few sturdy magnets with you on your cruise, then there are a whole lot of ways that they will come in handy, here are just a few.

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1. Hang up your clothing

There’s usually not much storage space for hanging up your clothes in many cruise cabins, so packing magnetic hooks can really help give you more hanging space. Simply pop the hooks onto the wall and you can use it to hang up your coats, jackets and blouses that don’t fit anywhere else.

2. Dry your wet items

If you’ve got wet towels and swimmers that need drying, then your magnet hooks are the perfect place to hang things up to dry. The cruise cabins get pretty gusty, as regular cruisers will know, so if you leave a window open and leave your wet items hanging up, they’ll dry in no time.

3. Stick up your itinerary or important documents

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If you have important documents that you need to have on you and check from time to time, then put it up on the wall, that way you’ll know exactly what is going on, and you don’t have to worry about remembering where you put everything.

Do you have any other tips for how to use magnets during a cruise? Have you used this tip before? Let us know in the comments section below.


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