Why you should never take your shoes off on a plane

why you should never take your shoes off on a plane

One of the small joys of flying on a long-haul flight is kicking off your shoes as the air pressure makes your feet, ankles and legs begin to swell. There’s something wonderful about kicking those tight shoes off mid-flight and allowing your tootsies to breath.

But according to a flight attendant, who shared her travel tip in a Reddit forum thread, passengers should never, under any circumstance, take off their shoes on a plane.

The travel tip was in response to a question: “What do the passengers *not* know?”

And while there is always going to be a bit of curiosity about what goes on behind the scenes on a flight, sometimes the details are a bit too much to handle.

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So, if you’re queasy, it might be best to look away now, otherwise welcome to the very often gross world of flying.

Seeyou_never took to the forum, saying: “I’m a flight attendant… So many incidents occur on the plane that every day passengers don’t see or consider.”

“My last flight an elderly man accidentally s*** on the floor, stepped in it, and walked on it like it was nothing.

“DO NOT WALK AROUND BAREFOOT. Pee and Poop happens, all over.”

So, the next time you’re on a plane and thinking about taking your shoes off, perhaps reconsider that decision and pack a pair of in-flight slippers instead.

Have you heard of any inflight horror stories? Let us know in the comments section below.

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