Millennials make ironic video taunting ‘older generation’

Millennials have been called the "Selfie Generation".

A new video apologising to the ‘older generation’ for Millennials’ refusal to lead a responsible lifestyle in favour of world travel has generated online fury after it was posted to Facebook. 

The furore came as a result of the video’s condescending tone strongly suggesting that the ‘older generation’ have given up on their hopes, dreams, and even life because they worked a steady job, got married and had children. 

Posted to web series Global Degree’s Facebook page, “Dear Older Generations” has been viewed by more than 7 million people and has garnered 10,000 comments — most of them negative. 

One user wrote: “It’s attacking respectable lifestyles which are different from their own… which is ironic considering the whole point of the video.”

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Another pointed out that without a job and financial stability, travelling around the world would make you homeless. 

“No offence,” she wrote. “But it’s the truth.”

One Facebook user tried to display tact, unlike the video he was commenting on: “Yes, traveling and living life is great! But, gotta work hard for what you want in life. And, (you) forgot to mention, what about “thank you” for the older generations who paved the road, fought and died for your freedoms so that you can travel and live life as you wish with all of your freedoms! Show some respect.”

Global Degree, who made the video, is a web series following a group of Millennials as they attempt to visit all 192 UN member states before they’re 30 with the idea that members can receive a “real-world education” through travel.

Their motto reads: “Visit every country to graduate”.

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The offensive video opens with a narrator apologising for Millennials not being able to “sit still in an office”. 

“We fail to see the difference between working on a laptop in a cubicle, or on a beach in Indonesia,” says the narrator. 

It goes on to compare an office cubicle to a wooden box before apologising for Millennials choosing “life” over “just existing”.

And just when you think these Millennials can’t get any more arrogant, the narrator then apologises on behalf of narcissistic Millennials everywhere for not seeing the value in an education when hey, everything is online for free anyway – but that doesn’t mean Millennials care. 

Nah, they just want to travel the world and take selfies, okay?

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Watch the entire video below:  

A response video was made to the original titled “Dear Younger Generations”, which is quite possibly even more offensive and obnoxious than the first attempt. 

Judge for yourselves: 

Do Millennials need a good ol’ fashioned hiding or what? 

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