Video captures cruise ship near miss

Two women are pulled into a rescue boat after a close call.

Another day, another cruise ship mishap.

Dramatic video footage captured by a cruise ship passenger has surfaced online showing two women being pulled to safety after they were nearly run over by a giant ocean liner in Florida.

The women were jet skiing near the mouth of the Port Canaveral harbour at the weekend when their skis flipped, sending them flying into the water and the path of the oncoming ship.

The Carnival Magic cruise ship was making its way out of the port and didn’t have time to swing wide enough around the pair.

Luckily, the quick-thinking captain saw the women fall into the water and alerted the County Sheriff who was stationed on a patrol boat nearby.

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With passengers watching on from the deck, the women can be seen frantically trying to climb into the patrol boat as the cruise ship draws closer.

With one final tug, the Sheriff pulls the second woman onboard and runs back to the steering wheel to drive the boat out of the ship’s path.

The video shows just how dangerous it can be to mess around when something as powerful as a cruise ship is nearby. Fortunately though, everyone escaped without harm this time.

Take a look at the video and tell us what you think. Did this close call leave you holding your breath?

Have you ever been on a cruise holiday? Where did you go?

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