Tourists warned to visit Michelangelo’s David before it’s destroyed

Tourists warned to visit Michelangelo’s David before it's destroyed

It’s one of the most famous works of art in the world, but there are fears that Michelangelo’s David could be destroyed if measures aren’t taken to protect it.  

Italy is home to some of the greatest artistic works in history by the likes of Caravaggio to da Vinci, but the country’s rich history of arts and culture comes alive in the city of Florence.

This is where Michelangelo’s 17-foot marble masterpiece David stands stoically in the Accademia Gallery. But since the devastating earthquakes rattled Italy in 2016, there have been calls for more work to be done to protect the artwork before it could be destroyed.

“In the light of the earthquakes in central Italy and the fact we cannot rule out their extension towards the north, the problem of the seismic protection of Michelangelo’s David has become extremely urgent,” Alessandro Martelli, a geoscientist who has studied the statue, told The Times.

Experts have also warned that the statue’s ankles may collapse if protective plinths are not installed.

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The 500-year-old sculpture could be more susceptible to damage during an earthquake or other natural disasters if the microscopic fracture located in the ankle isn’t fixed.

It’s believed that more than €200,000 will be required to make the required changes and repairs, but the Italian government has yet to agree to provide the funding.

Antonio Borri, an engineer from Prugia University, said there was a lack of understanding about the urgency of the repairs.

“Unfortunately all our work has been, at least until now, completely in vain, perhaps because people can’t comprehend that risks for a work like this can’t be measured against the short span of our human lives.”

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