This is how planes can kill 99.99% of germs on board in minutes

Killing germs on planes

Cough, splatter, sneeze – there’s always a few of disgustingly sick people on every flight. But put down the hand sanitiser because there’s a new system that can kill 99.99% of on-board germs in just five minutes.


Say hello to the revolutionary GermFalcon. A large ‘robot’ on wheels that uses UVC light to instantly kill bacteria, viruses and superbugs on any exposed surface that you might come in contact with.

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Oh baby. #GermsDontFlyWithUs #GermFalcon #filters

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UVC is a light used as disinfectant in hospitals and at food and water treatment facilities. There’s no heat, chemicals, off-gassing, toxins or damage to what’s being cleaned.

Currently carriages are refreshed by a cleaning crew in-between flights, with a more comprehensive clean done a few times a year. The Germ Falcon could pick up the slack here.

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Sadly, the game changing germ killer has been stumped in the works (can we find another phrase here), with no airlines taking it onboard. But that doesn’t mean we won’t see them in the future. #Adopthebot!

More on how it works-

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