The secret to avoid getting robbed on holiday could be hiding in your makeup bag

Items from your makeup bag could stop you from getting robbed on holiday

Losing money, having money stolen or misplacing money can be some of the most stressful things to occur during a holiday. But what about if you’re heading to the beach and need to keep some cash with you but don’t want to bring along your entire wallet, just in case it gets lost or stolen while you’re there? Luckily, there is a way to bring your money without too much risk and the secret could literally be hiding in your makeup bag.

One thing you can do is to reuse one of your empty Chapstick, lip gloss or even lip stick tubes. If you don’t have an empty container, simply purchase a cheap one from the chemist and scoop out all the goop from inside. Give it a good rinse, too, because you don’t want you money to get all sticky.

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The great thing about this tip is that, not only will people have idea that you have stashed money into your lip gloss container, but it is also small enough to to stuff into your bra or your pocket.

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If you’re worried about the lip gloss container being too small for your money (because, hello nest egg!) then you might just need to upgrade to a bottle of sunscreen.

Take one of your empty sunscreen bottles, or empty a bottle into another container, wash it out and use it to stuff, not just your notes, but even your keys and your mobile phone, if the bottle is large enough.

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The great thing about these tips is that you can leave these items lying around the place and people generally won’t think anything of it. They certainly won’t assume that you’ve got your valuables stashed away in them.

And, even if people do read this post and think they now know people’s secret holiday money hiding spot, people who are pickpockets generally prioritise a quick steal, rather than rummaging through sunscreen and lip gloss bottles just to make sure they’re stealing someone’s cash and not their toiletries.

What do you think about this tip? Will you use it the next time you go on holiday? Let us know in the comments section below.

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