The only barriers are the ones we create

Barriers we create

I’ve always loved to travel. I’ve proven it can be done on a shoestring budget.

There are no strangers, only friends I have not met. But I do not like group travel, as there are often places I want to explore and others don’t. For me, I like to spend time exploring new places, talking to locals, and not be a “tourist”.  

In Australia, backpackers are wonderful travel companions and backpacker accommodation is very affordable. I bought a van and so had a safe place to sleep, carried water and dry or canned food. I had shelving and bed installed and so had a gas cooker and I was set with the basics.

I only bought enough fresh food that would be used in one day. Between places, I saved by pulling into roadhouses, there are showers and the semi drivers stay there so the areas are clean and food is good.

I also pulled over when tired and parked near trucks that were parked off the highways. Much safer than being on my own in the middle of nowhere. I never wanted my adventures to become misadventures.

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When I travelled to New Zealand, I hired a camper and went exploring. That was a wonderful experience. I had a fantastic time. I then ventured to Vanuatu, where I went on guided group tours.

I learned to travel with less, through each adventure. I used to pack so much and never needed it. When packing, pack what you think you need, then halve it, then quarter it and there will still be things that are not necessary.

You will be surprised at how long a pair of jeans can be worn between laundering. Fresh daily changes  of underwear and socks are essential, even if a shower has to be skipped. I like to go to bed clean, so I would take a bucket into a public roadside toilet and a cold water, bucket bath was enough on some occasions.

I have friends far and wide so took them up on their offers to visit. This is a big saving on motels, if traveling by car.

When I went to Europe, I travelled very light. I took one small carry on cabin luggage. I bought extra while there and donated before I returned home. English is understood everywhere that I have been, so I was always able to communicate. I ventured to USA and traveled extensively by coach. Those trips were amazing.

Now with social media, travel is more special as people develop online friends or get acquainted with friends of friends. So often I’ve had invitations to stay, so this reduces the costs of accomodation as well. You can always pay it forward by inviting travellers to stay in your home. If you don’t want to travel solo, team up with a like-minded friend and set off. The world is out there, do it while you can. The most expensive cost is airfares. I pay them off in advance.

I will not be going to my grave with unfulfilled dreams of what I could have done and never got around to.

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