The one amenity baby boomers refuse to travel without

The amenity baby boomers refuse to travel without

By 2020 there will be more people aged 50 and over in Australia than any other age group. The baby boomer demographic, those born between between 1946 to 1961, is making up a big part of the Australian society and the same goes in the travel industry.

According to McCrindle Research, baby boomers make up approximately 25 per cent of the population, but own 55 per cent of the country’s wealth. With that wealth comes increased ability and desire to travel. But if you think that baby boomers are interested in run-of-the-mill travel experiences and humdrum hotels, then, boy, do you have another thing coming!

A recent study by AARP  has found that not only are baby boomers avid leisure travellers, with many planning at least four or five trips at any given time, they are also rather choosey when it comes to travel amenities. 

The survey found that there are two very important must-haves that some baby boomer travellers simply cannot travel without and will be swayed by when it comes to booking hotel accommodation.

The first is Wi-Fi. It has become such an important aspect of travelling that it is enough of an incentive to lead baby boomers to book, or not book, their holiday hotel room.

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The second is a complimentary breakfast offered by the hotel, which can cause travelling baby boomers to say either yea or nay to their hotel holiday option.

Travel at 60 reader Ewa Jones from Adelaide couldn’t agree more, saying she won’t book a hotel that doesn’t offer free WiFi and a complimentary breakfast.

“I expect breakfast to be included and free WiFi,” Ewa said, “I made a mistake once as someone else booked the [hotel] in Hong Kong.

“No breakfast was included and the cost was astronomical. I’ll never do that again.”

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And the same goes for the trusty Wifi, which is great for making travel plans but also keeping in contact with people while away.

“With the Wifi, that is all dependent on where we are. I try to find boutique hotels that have breakfast and WiFi. But then again there is usually a cafe nearby.”

According to the research 43 percent of baby boomers need Wifi in their rooms and they expect it to be free

What do you think? Would you avoid staying in a hotel room that didn’t have WiFi or a complimentary breakfast? Let us know in the comments section below.

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