The clever trick to remembering where your travel photos were taken

The sure-fire way to never forget where your photos were taken again
The sure-fire way to never forget where your photos were taken again

Have you ever returned from a holiday and sifted through your photos fondly, but can’t quite remember some of the places the photos were taken?

We’re all guilty of getting a bit snap-happy on a holiday, because, why wouldn’t we? A new experience and adventure is something to be remembered, and of course, you’ll want to show family and friends all of the wonderful things you’ve seen and done when you return home.

When travelling, it’s easy to take hundreds of photos, if not thousands, and with so many, how are mere mortals supposed to remember where they were all taken? Well, with this clever trick you’ll never forget again.

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If you make the first photo you take every day of the place, city or town name you’re in – even if it’s just a sign at the train station – you’ll be able to easily work out later where you took your photos that day.

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By doing this every day, it will give every day a beginning entry as well, so your photos are organised into their own unofficial chapters.

So, the next time you pull your camera out during a holiday, be sure to remember this handy tip. That way you can reminisce about all the places you’ve been and remember the names of them, too.

Do you have any photography tricks you use on holiday? Let us know in the comments below.

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