The clever travel hack to use when travelling with someone else


There are several reasons why luggage gets lost when travelling overseas, or even within your own country. It can be anything from human error at the airport with the airline staff labelling your bag incorrectly, to having your luggage placed on the wrong boat when being transferred to your accommodation on a remote island.

However it happens, having your luggage lost is an awful feeling, given your toiletries, clothes and other important items are often packed away in there. You face the prospect of going the rest of your holiday in the same outfit and without your creature comforts.

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One thing you can do to minimise your despair if your luggage does get lost is, if you are travelling with your husband, wife or friend, to pack a spare change of clothes (including underwear!) into their bag. In return, pack a spare change of their clothes into your bag – that way, in the off chance one of you does lose your luggage, you will both have a spare change of clothes.

This travel tip could tide you over until you locate your lost suitcase and, hopefully not, but maybe, until the end of your trip.

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You may also consider packing an extra prescription of your medication in your travel companion’s suitcase as well to safeguard yourself in case you can’t easily replace it in your destined location.

One way to help avoid having your luggage lost is to arrive early to the airport. Last-minute baggage check-ins are one of the most common causes of misplaced luggage.

What’s your best travel packing tip? Let us know in the comments below. 

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