The best travel destinations if you like to get naked

The best travel destinations if you like to get naked

Some people love nothing more than getting their kit off and letting it all hang out. If that sounds like you, then there are some destinations around the world where you are going to fit right in. Here is a list of the best travel destinations around the world if you like to get naked.

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1. Japan

Hot spring baths, known locally as onsen, are a strong part of the culture in Japan. Actually, if you lived in Japan you’d likely be invited to enjoy a hot onsen bath with your workmates and friends. Think of it as a casual coffee catch up, without the clothing. In Japan, you must remove your shoes and undress in one of the change rooms and one thing you must remember is to pop into the shower beforehand. It is considered rude and, well, a bit gross, to jump into the onsen unwashed.

2. Korea

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Known as jjimjilband (what a great name!), baths or heated rooms are where the locals go to relax and socialise in Korea. And don’t think that these are reserved for just young people, they are common places to visit for people of all ages and body types. Unlike the Japanese onsen, the Korean bathhouses are beauty and entertainment parlours all rolled into one. Some of the more extravagant types have hair salons and even karaoke stations.

4. Germany

Germans are known to be one of the most popular nude bathing cultures in Europe with more than 900 registered spas across the country. The local government even subsidises treatments because of their positive impacts on health. Germans are some of the most relaxed people in nude bathing situations and will likely strike up a conversation with you as if you were standing in line at the supermarket. But before you go, it does pay to understand what the local etiquette is for using different bathhouse areas, like, for examples, it’s a big no-no to sit in the sauna without putting a towel down first.

4. Spain

Public baths originated during Ancient Roman times when the aristocrats of the time looked for a way to keep clean, but also socialise and network at the same time. Spain has some public baths that are influence by this culture, but also the Middle Eastern bathing rituals that were introduced in the mid-16th century. Hammams, or what are commonly known as Turkish baths, can be found across the country. Inside you can expect a cup of tea and a massage to top of your nude bathing experience. Just be careful with that hot cup of steaming tea. You don’t want to go burning yourself in such a state.

Do you like to get your kit off and go to the public baths? Where have you visited one? Let us know in the comments section below.

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