Terrorism makes surprising impact on travel industry

Terrorism makes surprising impact on travel industry
Terrorism makes surprising impact on travel industry

The threat of terrorism has become a big cause for concern around the world, but that isn’t stopping people from travelling, new research suggests.

Analysis conducted by travel data experts ForwardKeys has found that cities hit by terrorism attacks are returning to normal tourism levels much quicker than they have previously.

Appearing at the World Travel and Tourism Council Global Summit in Bangkok, ForwardKey’s chief marketing officer Laurens van den Oever said that recovery time had decreased significantly.

“For Paris, after a range of attacks, it took months for arrivals to get back. The Brussels bombing had a severe impact,” van den Oever said.

“For Nice it was nearly half the time. And for Berlin and Westminster, within four to six weeks the situation was back to normal.”

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News of terrorism has become so prevalent that van den Oever suggests that people think it’s just as likely to be injured at home, so why let that stop them?

“Travellers are getting much more used to the fact that [terror attacks] can and will happen anywhere, and the industry is much more prepared to get back to normal as soon as possible.”

Co-founder and CEO of ForwardKeys, Olivier Jager, also wrote about the company’s key findings and why travellers are continuing to travel despite terror attacks affecting countries around the world.

According to their findings, Canada has become a new favourite in North America, growth is increasing in Europe, even after several terror attacks, the Chinese have turned their backs on South Korea and Brazil and Russia are showing signs of growth, too.

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“People are finding alternative new destinations, and they are returning to others, previously blighted by dreadful events,” Olivier said.

“However, in a world of shifting travel patterns, businesses that depend on travellers need to be able to readjust ever more quickly.”

Has terrorism stopped you from making travel plans? Or are you determined to see the world, despite the geopolitical situation of the country? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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